Breathitt’s ‘Blazin’ Heads North Hoping to Join Santa’s Sled-Team
Distant cousin of  “Blitzen” hopes to join relative on famed flight crew!
Many of us know, as we creep ever closer to Halloween, with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, that Robert May, in 1939, wrote famous lyrics to a song many of us can sing. “You know Dasher and Dancer/And Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid/And Donner and Blitzen./But do you recall/The most famous reindeer of all?/Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer…” 
The song famously promises Rudolph will go down in history. A local Breathitt county reindeer is hoping that same promise extends to any new members who may shortly join that famed flight crew.
His name is “Blazin” and he is a local reindeer, gifted with flight, from right here in Breathitt County. Blazin took off, just the other day, to avail himself of an opportunity to be added to Santa’s regular sled-crew. As he told the Times-Voice, “Opportunities like this don’t come around often. I need to make hay while the opportunity exists.”
Blazin, pictured together with this article, is a local resident and friend of another local, Jared Hayes. Hayes called this author at the newspaper and advised us to meet him out in the woods as we may want to interview the reindeer before he took launch toward the North Pole. 
We were thrilled to meet the local reindeer in person, having only talked with him over the phone previously. We came across a right impressive specimen, and sure enough, we found the soon-to-be celebrity an easy interview and pleasant to whom to talk. 
We had heard he had been seen by outdoorsmen kind of flying around and we asked why? We had always heard Santa wanted his reindeer to keep their ability to fly closely guarded every night of the year except for “the night.”
Blazin confirmed this but told us “Hey, I gotta practice, can’t afford to be rusty when it is my turn to try-out.” 
We asked him how he heard of the try-outs (as it was news to us and we’re in the news business)? He told us, “Santa’s put the word out, in the reindeer community, he’s having to increase the size of the old flight team. With the world population increasing, Santa claims to need another couple reindeer to pull his new ride. I heard about it from Blitzin.”
Blazin went on to explain, “Blitzin and I are related, but distantly. When he came down here to vacation at Buckhorn Lake, during the offseason, I caught up with him and he spilled the beans about it. Lots of us ‘flying deer’ are headed North for this opportunity to be the next two reindeers to go down in history.”
We wished him every success and asked if he minded our getting a picture of him in flight. The picture attached to this story was taken by Jared Hayes’ trail cam, and not the one I took with my phone. We decided to use the trail cam shot with the story because it was clearer than the one I snapped, which I erased when I saw it wasn’t a very good shot. 
This is a developing story and we hope to provide updates should the two new reindeer get announced before this year’s big run. Keep reading the Times-Voice for updates about our newest local-boy destined for big things. Good luck Blazin, everyone back home is pulling for you!
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