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Tuesday, June 23, 2020 the Breathitt County Public Library began the 2020 "Explore Breathitt Selfie Challenge.” The staff, for the Challenge, identified 50 local sites for citizens to explore the county and take a “selfie” in front of each.
The idea is for Breathitt Countians to get to enjoy the rich history and beauty of its community. The “selfie” has to show the location or item in the background. 
The library staff admonishes each participant to obey all traffic laws and other requirements. Please don’t trespass on private property in oder to get the selfie. Also, respect the areas by keeping them clean. 
To begin the challenge, each family wishing to participate needs to go to and complete the “Google” form. The form may also be accessed by visiting the Breathitt County Public Library “Facebook” page. 
To complete the requirements for a medal, the participant mush visit and photograph with the item or location in the background 30 of the 50 sites on the list. Post your qualifying picture on the Public Library’s "Facebook" page.
A medal has been commissioned and will be presented to everyone who completes the challenge before midnight, July 31st. Everyone in the family is encouraged to sign-up individually and the photos can be posted either individually or as a family. 
The Breathitt County Public Library will post information about the locations and the history of the 50-sites on its “Facebook" page during the event. For additional information, visit the Breathitt County Public Library’s “Facebook" page or call the Library at 606-666-5541. 

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