Still, by in large, local containment efforts appear the emulation of counties across Kentucky!
It is being reported by the Breathitt County Health Department there is a new “detected case” for a Breathitt County citizen contracting the disease, Covid-19, resultant from being infected with the coronavirus. According to Health Department data, that brings the total number of Breathitt citizens who have been infected to 5 with the new case being the county's only active infection, right now. 
Not much is presently known about the new detection other than we have identified it and are taking the normal course of quarantining it and insuring it has minimal chance of spreading any further. Breathitt County Health Department officials are busy attempting to “contact trace” the new case to determine how it was contracted and how it got back here.
Breathitt County, overall, has been a model of containment for a disease which continues to both soar commonwealth-wide and claim new numbers of victims. The numbers, both in Kentucky and nationally, seem to always be increasing, with some notable exceptions. 
It is very important we continue locally with the containment efforts we have seen be so successful, especially in comparison with the vast majority of counties around the commonwealth of Kentucky and other states around the nation. Now is the time for vigilance in “staying the present course.” There is no time for complacence as Fall-term at our local schools creeps ever nearer.

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