Day-one takeaways

Here's what we saw! 

The Breathitt Bobcats opened football preparation for the ’21 season Monday evening from 6-8 pm. We were there (of course) and here is some of what we noticed.

The first observations is we should be plenty physical upfront offensively. We are extremely athletic at guard (Jason Perry, Michael Hudson) and solid at tackle (Connor Deaton, Teegan Smith).

Deaton looks in better shape than a year ago. The rest of the boys upfront showed good body-control, second level, and punching power at the point of attack, at least hitting padded dummies.

Teegan Smith can be as good as he wants and is willing to work to be. He's an All-Stater at guard, if he wants to be.

Michael Hudson is an ill-tempered, mean, nasty player. He will be a tremendous player for us.

Hudson plays the game in a bad mood. He’s perpetually angry.

Hudson will be very good at guard. The 240-pound, "quick-twitch monster" will be better along the defensive front, where Breathitt figures to be both really quick and physically formidable.

We talked briefly with Dustin Sumner who is helping coach the OL. He told the paper, “We looked pretty good for day one. Not as good as I demand of them, but better than we could have looked.” 

We asked him about his impression of our guards. He seemed to agree with us. “Yeah, we’re athletic, tough, mobile, and big at guard. That’s a good start.”

We were impressed with Tyler Bryant’s play at QB. Jaylen Turner is still out of town but will be joining the team in short order.

Till then, Bryant got the snaps with the ones. He looked good, both throwing the football and running the offense. Always good to have an option like that just in case.

Ethan Gibson has really put in some offseason work. Both Gabe Fugate and he have undergone the most physical transformation on the team since the end of last season. We really didn't get to see Gabe much as this first practice was mainly an offensive practice and Gabe is primarily a defender. 

Not really sure where "Gibby" is envisioned fitting. Gibson looked good at running back last night. Whether it is there or on defense, he may be hard to keep out of the lineup.

Dalton Little is a man. He really moves well and has the size at ILB we have been missing. Little looked equally impressive when he got some reps at TE. 

Bryce Hoskins looked to us to be moving around well. His hands are just not in question. He can catch anything he can get to or which gets to him.

Hoskins is a very big target across the middle. He is also a mismatch with most high school linebackers playing 2A football in the 7th-district of Kentucky. 

Austin Sperry will have an unbelievable year. He has filled out, is noticeably stronger and more explosive than a year ago, and is running very, very well. With his speed, strength, vertical explosion, and length he will be a difficult deep threat to contain. 

We talked to Coach Moore after practice. He told the newspaper, “We are further along from a football standpoint than at any other time I have been here. Our players know the system and are comfortable running it."

"We aren’t young anymore. We didn’t look young even for 'day one.' They looked poised and experienced to me.”

Yep, we thought so too.

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