Breathitt's William Long becomes Kentucky's first Internationally Recruited Football Prospect in the 2021-class

Breathitt's William Long becomes Kentucky's first Internationally Recruited Football Prospect in the 2021-class

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Kentucky has its share of “National Football Prospects” especially in light of how sparsely it is populated compared to some of its neighbors. A “National Football” prospect would be loosely defined as one who is drawing next-level attention from college recruiters representing many different regions of the country.  

William Long, who himself has offers from seven (7) schools, only one of which is in-KY, would fit the description. All seven of these existing offers are all vying for his signature to play for them when his eligibility for the Breathitt Bobcats exhausts. 

Well, these seven domestic schools have picked up some international competition. After today’s phone call, Breathitt’s William Long is now an internationally sought-after football prospect. 

One of Canada’s “big-boys” in the college football game has called William Long and told Long they intend to throw their hat in the ring with the domestic programs he is presently considering. William tells the Times-Voice he has just gotten off the phone with the University of British Columbia’s Head Football Coach, Blake Nill. 

Nill, in his 5th-year at the helm of UBC’s football program and a former CFL football star in his own right, told Breathitt’s, William Long, UBC is serious about both Long’s potential and Long’s heading north to join the Thunderbird program. He promises Long has just begun to hear from his staff and him. 

When asked for his thoughts, Long said, “Well, it’s exciting and certainly something to ponder.” While Long hasn’t been offered by the school yet, a phone call from the head man, coupled with the Coach’s indicating he wanted to set up some Zoom meetings with Long, appears promising that the two parties will be “talking frequently,” going forward. That, according to Long, “is encouraging.” 

UBC is a “big-timer” in the collegiate game of football in our neighbor to the north. The school has won Canada’s version of its national college football championship, the Vanier Cup, 4-times (1982, 1996, 1997, and 2015) while playing for it twice more (1978, 1987). They have won the CWUAA conference 14-Times. The conference represents teams from all over the western-side of Canada. The conference award is called the “Hardy Trophy.” 

Canada has a version of the Heisman Trophy too. It is called the Hec Crighton Trophy. UBC has three former Thunderbirds who have won it. UBC has had over 125-players drafted in the CFL draft with 5 former Thunderbirds going with the draft’s overall first pick. 

In addition to football, the University of British Columbia boasts many graduates who have gone on to accomplish remarkable things. Canada's present Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is a 1994 graduate and the school also lays claim to several Nobel Laureates from the rolls of its former students.

Being recruited to play football there is a remarkable athletic achievement. It speaks to Long's intelligence too as he has applied himself diligently in the classroom to position himself for just these type opportunities. 

William Long is excited about the possibilities but promises all of his attention is on Breathitt County winning State Football Title number four (4). William is still set to commit ultimately to a college destination on his father’s birthday, August 2, 2020. 

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