From patrolman to Chief, Brian Haddix has done pretty much everything but sweep the floors…
Okay, we were kidding in our hook line above, Haddix has even swept a floor or two in his long tenure in law enforcement. That journey has culminated into his ascendancy to the Chief of Jackson’s City Police Department. 
We reached out to Brian Haddix about this promotion and interviewed him. The below is what he was kind enough to provide in response to the particular questions we posed. The questions will be headed by “JTV” for Jackson Times-Voice with the responses headed by “BH” for Brian Haddix.
JTV- How long have you served in law enforcement?
BH- I started at the Sheriff’s Department in Breathitt County in 1999. In 2002, I began my tenure with the Jackson Police Department.
JTV- Which part of your background experience has most prepared you for this new assignment?
BH- Well, I was a patrolman for many years. I was then promoted to Sergeant and then Lieutenant at the Jackson Police Department. I have logged over 1400 hours of training and have served as the Federal Grant Coordinator. Over the years, I have earned many and various certifications for having undergone specialized training.
JTV- Did you ever envision being the Chief of the Department?
BH- I never really thought about it, being Chief that is. I was always working toward helping and serving the community I call home. I figured if I did that well, career promotion would fall into place.
JTV- What are the most pressing present concerns for the Jackson Police Department?
BH- We are in a drug crisis which is foremost among our concerns as a Department. We, as a community, have experienced a rise in drug use, drug distribution and trafficking, and a rise in homelessness. These problems seems inter-related to me. 
JTV- What plans would like to implement to address these concerns?
BH- We want to increase patrols and have more community saturation and visibility via our patrol units. We also want to invite community cooperation and input.
JTV- What are your goals for the Department and expectations for how your officers both encounter and interact with the citizens of the community you are serving and policing?
BH- I want our officers to have better and more specialized training and to increase their community involvement and visibility. I want officers who are involved in community service and aware of the challenges which surround all of us. 
After having reviewed the interview, it appeared to this reporter that the new Chief is bent on a Police Department which acts foremost as a community partner bent toward serving the surrounding community and its citizens toward creating a better and safer environment for our families. The Times-Voice fully supports these stated goals and was greatly appreciative of the time Chief Haddix took out of his busy schedule to answer the newspaper’s questions. 
Congratulations on the promotion. Good luck and God’s speed on accomplishing that which you want to be hallmarks of the Department under your leadership. 
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