This computer isn’t always right; but it is right much more so than not! 

Some guys out in California came up with a computer algorithm to handicap high school football games. This algorithm is used by too to rank high school teams, both nationally and in their state or commonwealth; whatever the case may be. You would not believe how accurate it has been through the years.

I use it every year in picking weekly winners in KHSAA football action. I am right 90% of the time, again, every year. My percentage would be higher, but I do pick with my heart sometimes, like when Breathitt was an underdog last year at Somerset. I would say the computer is right around 95% of the time. 

Well, the, computer guys also publish preseason rankings. We get them sent to us each year at KPGFootball. They have handicapped the commonwealth of Kentucky again for the upcoming 2020 football season. 

We, in the sports department of the Jackson Times-Voice, thought it would be fun to see how the computer sees the coming football season. First, we are going to rank the top-ten football teams in the 2A classification according to the computer. Then, we are going to rank the order of finished in the 7th district. Third, and just for fun, we are going to give you the likely point spread, on a neutral field, between Breathitt and its district opponents. Last, we will look at our likelihood, according to the algorithm, of running the table, regular season.

First, the Kentucky, Class 2A, top-ten teams…

  1. Lexington Christian
  2. Somerset
  3. Mayfield
  4. Breathitt
  5. Beechwood
  6. Danville
  7. Caldwell County
  8. Lloyd Memorial
  9. West Carter
  10. Murray High 

Next, the District 7 projected order of finish with how many points Breathitt would have to give each district opponent were they to play on a neutral field…

District 7 

  1. Breathitt
  2. Middlesboro +31
  3. Leslie County +34
  4. Knott County Central +62
  5. Morgan County +62

Now for the predicted likelihood of running the table. According to the computer, Breathitt has the 4th best chance of going undefeated in the regular season in 2020. The top six teams with the most likely path to undefeated entering the playoffs are the following…

  1. Bell County
  2. Kentucky County Day (KCD)
  3. Johnson Central
  4. Breathitt
  5. Louisville Male
  6. Pikeville

So what does all of this mean? Well, for one, it means last year’s team did a fine job thrusting Breathitt back into the limelight. It means we have every right, as a fan base, to be excited about the prospects of the 2020 team being a legitimate title contender. In the final analysis, it doesn’t mean a whole lot, as we weren’t listed, prominently, on any of these lists, last year, and came out of nowhere to shock a ton of people.

This is how the computer sees it. Computers are supposed to be pretty smart. This computer isn’t infallible. However, it is right much more so than not.  

See you on the Riverbank!

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