Let us resolve to make our resolutions count this year

We have bigger things we can accomplish apart from losing weight or trying different things…

I'm sure we have all heard the saying “new year, new me.” As cliche as it is, it is used every year to signify the changes we want to make for ourselves in the year ahead. 

As 2020 comes to a close, it's time for the annual making of new year resolutions. Resolutions are goals we set going into the upcoming year in an effort to better ourselves. 

Many people set the worn-out goal of exercising more or eating better. Others set goals to try new things or to travel to new places.

These new year goals do not always have to be overwhelmingly health related as people often choose to make them. They can also be goals set to simply better your mindset or well being. 

In the year 2021, you can commit to doing your best to be more kind to those around you. You can also commit to being more kind to yourself. 

Although resolutions are set with good intentions in mind, I am sure many resolutions do not live to see it through the first month, let alone the entire year. Even if your resolutions do not withstand the test of time, it is still a worthy endeavor to set goals. 

Sometimes having one set goal can feel overwhelming so it can be helpful to have smaller and more achievable goals on the way to the larger goal. For me, my goal is to have my first semester of college successfully completed by this time next year. 

This goal feels a little overwhelming because I have no idea what will happen between now and then. To make this big goal feel more achievable, and comfortable, I will set a goal to finish my high-school career even through COVID.

I am also resolved to spend lots of time with my family before I move on to college. I want to make the best of the experiences I have until then. 

Having these smaller goals will help me accomplish the bigger ones. Achieving the “little things” always makes it feel easier to accomplish the “bigger” ones. 

Goals are a personal thing and can be anything you think will help you have a better mindset. The first and foremost goal should be to just be a better you for the year to come. 

What New Year resolutions have you set? Do you actually follow through with these goals for the entire year? 

This year when deciding how you want to enter your new year, keep in mind a goal that will not only help you but can also benefit those around you. If exercising more and eating better is your thing then go for it. I am just encouraging you to think a little more "outside the box."

In closing  our weekly “chat;” remember, it is important to go into any new year with a grateful heart for the year and journey that you just completed. Although 2020 was certainly a crazy year, we should still try to remind ourselves how blessed we were to be able to see another year.

Don’t forget to remind yourself how exciting it can be to see what the next 365-days may have in store for all of us. You've made it through the crazy rollercoaster of 2020. I hope your 2021 is significantly better than the year we just left. Happy New Year! 

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