You have been given so much, may be a good time to share with friends, family and neighbors!

In the continuation of preparing for the Christmas season and getting ready to celebrate Jesus, it is important to think about what you did for Him today? I have talked about the importance of the giving season, shopping locally, and of “paying it forward.” 

During the preparation for the birthday of Christ, it is especially important to remember that He is the “reason for the season.”  Although cliche, I think the meaning of Christmas is often lost in pricey gifts and big trees. 

A good way to remember why we actually celebrate is to try to do something for Jesus each day. It can be a simple thing, such as saying a prayer for the driver who just cut you off instead of getting upset, or giving the last slice of your favorite pizza to your sister.  

It can also be a bigger thing like I have previously mentioned, such as giving to the homeless or donation drive. Doing one simple thing for Jesus, each day, is like our “gift” to Him. Each day you can write out what you did for Jesus and store it away to read on Christmas Day. 

Some more points to ponder when using Commandments or scriptures as an example: treat people with kindness even if they don't necessarily like you or get along with you; do not pass judgment on others even when you think they are making poor choices; remain humble, and love others as you love yourself. As we look toward Christmas, we remember the great love and gift that we have been given in the present of Jesus. 

It is important to follow this example of love all throughout the year as Christians. It is especially true during this time leading up to the birth amidst all the craziness of our human activity.

Doing something for Jesus does not always have to be based on the Commandments or the Bible, it can be as simple as “paying it forward” as we chatted about last week. Try not to worry and let tomorrow take care of tomorrow.  

Trust that God is with us alway. That trust can help you set aside work and enjoy today.  That is one of the best gifts both for Jesus and yourself.  

Letting go of your worry for a moment to free yourself to smile at a stranger or experience a moment of “peace” is truly a blessing. This season, remember to try to give something to Jesus each day and remember the strength of his unconditional love that gave us the greatest gift of all.

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