As many of you know, I started writing my own column in the locally-published newspaper at the beginning of senior year. As the school year is coming to a close, and many activities winding down, I have decided to officially wrap up my series.

I am so thankful for this opportunity and the guidance and support I received from Fletcher Long along the way.  It was a leap of faith on his part to allow an inexperienced teenager writer to have space to share her random ramblings!

I have learned several things throughout my time writing for the Times-Voice. Writing weekly articles has certainly shaped the way that I write and express myself.

It has made my writing more mature and taught me how to better organize my thoughts into one piece of writing. My column also gave me an outlet.

It allowed me to write as I wish and express my thoughts through each article. Through the paper, I was also given access to a new tool that allowed me to reach out to my community and share my thoughts with those around me.

Each week, I learned something new about who I am which I will carry into my future endeavors and experiences. I have grown.

Although informing, writing an article weekly was not always so easy. I often found myself challenged to come up with a topic that could be well-written.

Choosing a topic is one thing, but being able to write a full-length piece about said topic is a completely different thing. I also struggled to choose a topic that I thought people would want to read and to which the reader would likely relate.

Throughout my columns, I also found myself being my own toughest critic. An article a week is not as easy as it sounds; or as I once thought it to be. 

Overall, I am thankful to have been offered this opportunity. I am thankful for all of the ways that it has shaped my writing and for all of the opportunities that it has given me. 

I was allowed to express my thoughts and have my opinions heard. Thank you all for reading “Chatting with Cris” and for keeping up with my tangents on all things school, sport, and just teenage-life related. 

I hope I made you have fond memories of your own teenage years, or think about things in a different way, or challenged you to move outside of yourself, or simply smile from an experience I have shared.  I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together and pray that “Chatting with Cris” brightened your day. 

Now onto the next big adventure…..

Editor's Note: Cristiana Turner did a very fine job for the newspaper this year. We were all edified by her offerings.

We learned as much from her as she claimed to have learned from us. She has a very bright future and a home with us anytime she wishes to claim it. Times-Voice.

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