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My comrades and I are having to find different ways to take sows’ ears and make silk purses
In a time like no other, schools across the country have struggled with the decision of whether to send students back to in-person classes or keep learning in online forums as August rolls around.  Sending students back into schools risks a skyrocketing amount of new COVID-19 cases but keeping them home risks a restriction in learning capabilities.  
Last week, Jackson City School started their first week of completely virtual school.  In my opinion, online schooling is more difficult. Although the actual course work may not be what makes it tough, an entire new learning environment poses a challenge.  
If students have a question, the process is now much more complicated than simply raising your hand. A question that normally could be answered within minutes, is now a process of sending a message and waiting for a reply.  
It is also more difficult to have conversations and collaborate with fellow classmates through Zoom rather than if in we were in the same room. Another aspect of virtual school that students may now struggle with is the social aspect.  
Online school takes a toll on the developing minds of students by removing regular social encounters with teachers and classmates. I think everyone can agree that communication through a device is just not the same as face-to-face conversation.  
Although online school is something new to everyone, schools are still making their best efforts to help students prosper and learn. Jackson City School continues to offer tutoring to students who are struggling, whether it be online or a scheduled appointment.  
Teachers are also finding ways to get students involved through Zoom meetings and other activities. I, like many other seniors, would prefer to be able to finish my last year of high school in an in-school environment. Since this is not looking like a possibility presently, I am adapting and trying to make the best of a very unique situation.
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