April 7, 2021: Jackson, Kentucky

Neace joins Jackson Police Force

Ready to 'Serve and Protect'

The City of Jackson has added to its police force according to Mayor, Laura Thomas and Police Chief, Brian Haddix. The Times-Voice received a press release concerning this matter down at the offices of the newspaper on April 6, 2021.

Patrolman, Fred Neace, Jr. has been sworn and has assumed duties patrolling our streets and neighborhoods looking to 'Protect and Serve' the citizens of Jackson, Kentucky. Law enforcement is a calling and the men and women who choose to follow this call are often required to make great sacrifices in the line of duty. Those sacrifices are equally required of the officer's family.

Fred began his law enforcement career in Hazard and graduated DOCJT basic law enforcement academy in October of 2019. He is married to Victoria Shouse Neace. The two of them have a daughter named Haleigh.

The Jackson Times-Voice congratulates both this fine young man and his family. Welcome to the Neaces and thank you for your willingness to serve our city in this special way. 





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