Eric Trump, “Coronavirus is about hurting my Dad”

In an article published to USA TODAY, and written by William Cummings, Eric Trump, presently the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, claimed Democrats are milking the coronavirus outbreak for political advantage. Eric Trump went further and claimed the concern over the outbreak will disappear after the election. 

According to the 45th-President’s son, likely Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, loves the lockdown because it prevents his getting on the campaign trial and continuing some of what Mr. Trump termed as “horrible blunders.” According to Eric Trump, the Biden campaign is “thrilled that [Biden’s] not out there.” 

For its part, President Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar, said, “I think hyperbolic rhetoric on any side is not appropriate.” A spokesperson for the Biden campaign, Communications Director Kate Bedingfield, released the following in a statement to the media…“We’re in the middle of the biggest public health emergency in a century, with almost 90,000 American dead, 1.5 million infected, and 36 million workers newly jobless. So for Eric Trump to claim that the coronavirus is a political hoax that will magically disappear is absolutely stunning and unbelievably reckless.”

When asked directly whether it is believed Democratic governors ordered lockdowns to hurt Trump, rather than to protect its citizens, Secretary Azar responded he thought it a wise practice not to impugn individual motives. Azar went on to say the President, Vice-President, and he have all been partnering with governors, in both red and blue states, in a conjoined effort toward solving the present public health pandemic in America. Azar promised, “…we’re going to keep doing that.” 

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