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Exclusive Interview: Breathitt's Teegan Smith

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Exclusive Interview: Breathitt's Teegan Smith

Season begins with tomorrow’s practice

Dead Period is behind us

“[Our goals] are now and will always be to win the Class 2A football title.” Teegan Smith

As everyone in the high school universe is uniquely aware, “Dead Period” is in the rear-view. From this point forward, it is for real.

For Bobcat football fans, the “real” begins tomorrow. The team, our team, begins mandatory practices leading up to the ’21 season.

Breathitt has won 27 of its previous 31-football games. They open with a full accoutrement of talent at its disposal. 

There is no more important player who will impact the Bobcats’ fortunes than senior, two-way, two-time All-Seventh District lineman, Teegan Smith. Smith figures to be in the thick of All-State discussion at year’s end.

Smith is a 6-1, 296-pound mountain of gristly sinew and muscle. When the term “mountain tough” was coined, players like Teegan Smith were the ones being described.

He’s a 300-pound bench pressing, 520-pound squatting, 500-pound deadlifting tonnage of blunt force trauma. Smith brings that mass at defenders and ball-carriers, depending on which unit is on the field, at a mid 5-second, 40-yard dash-clip.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Smith the eve of the team’s first practice for the '21 Fall campaign. We got to ask him some questions.

He was happy to answer our questions and generous with his time. As is the newspaper’s custom when interviewing subjects, our questions are headed with “JTV” for Jackson Times-Voice. Teegan Smith’s responses will be headed simply by "Smith."

JTV- Teegan, what are the team’s goals are for the ’21 season?

Smith- The goals for this program never change. They are now, and will always be, to win a state title in our classification. Anything short of that is a disappointment and provides offseason fuel to both players and coaches.

JTV- What are some of your personal goals for this coming season?

Smith- I just want to be the best player and teammate I can and help this team accomplish all that it is capable of accomplishing. First things first, I have to be prepared for Magoffin county on August 20. As a player, you have to take these games one at a time.

JTV- Where to you think you will be deployed this coming season, offensively and defensively?

Smith- I will be a member of the “Big Blue Wave” upfront on our offensive line. I have the ability to play anywhere from center out to tackle. I have played inside and outside in the past so I will align where I am most needed. On defense, I will play outside in our three-down front with my hand in the dirt. We call that a “Defensive Tackle” in our scheme; some refer to it as a 3-4 DE.

JTV- Other than yourself, who are some of the other stars for us to monitor?

Smith- Obviously, Jalen Turner is going to have a superstar’s year. I expect big things from Jason Perry who is a tireless worker in the weight room and really serious about the game. I believe big Connor Deaton will really shine as he has put in a lot of work in the offseason to get himself physically where he can dominate opposing defensive linemen. I feel in my heart Austin Sperry will put on a show in '21. Sperry's athleticism is just simply spectacular.

JTV- What is your favorite part of football? 

Smith- Going out and winning with my friends and brothers. Those memories last an entire lifetime.

JTV- What is your least favorite part of football?

Smith- I am like any other “Big,” conditioning runs are not something I enjoy. I know it has a purpose, and we all benefit from it, but still not something I do for fun.

JTV- Where do you see yourself next year?

Smith- I believe it is important to live for now. I strive to take things one day at a time. I have performed well in the classroom and I am a good football player so there are plenty of opportunities out there for me. That being said, it is my senior year and I want to focus on the task at hand. We need to take this team to Lexington and get it done for all of our loved ones back home.

The Times-Voice was thrilled to have the chance to get to interview Teegan Smith. We particularly appreciated his making time for us on a Sunday. 

Tomorrow, the voyage that is the ’21 high school football season officially embarks. We will get to witness it all right from The Riverbank and the other venues around this part of Kentucky where our Bobcats are slated to play beginning on the road August 20 at Magoffin county. Kickoff is at 7:30 pm. 

Join us. It should be a blast.





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