We believe the actions of other States influenced Kentucky to follow suit.

The word “harbinger” can mean one thing heralding the approach of another. That is at least a definition I have always personally had for that particular term.

If you have been following the COVID-19 story, and the impact it has had on sports, school, business, and recreation, then you have probably noticed, like I, that there are harbingers which tend to suggest what Kentucky may do in relatively short order. We may well have just seen a couple of “ harbingers” this past Sunday.

Other than being the day of the first live sporting event in months, the golf challenge played where Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning bested Phil Michelson and Tom Brady, one-up; there were a couple of significant sports related announcements trumpeted forth this past Sunday. Some of these announcements "rosy up" the prospects of our playing sports this Fall in Kentucky considerably.

In one of them, Fox News reported Oklahoma’s high school sports activities were returning to action June 1, 2020 without COVID-19 restrictions. Emphasis added. In another, Governor Mike DeWine, Ohio, tweeted out his state would resume skills training for all sports on May 26, including contact sports, as long as “...safety protocols [were] followed." Emphasis added.

Obviously, if you read the editorial today, you know the resumption of Fall sports in this area is a lot more important than playing some game. I will not repeat that particular argument here, it is sufficiently stated on the “Opinion” page.

We were able to interview Kyle Moore, Breathitt’s AD, and he told us “...We had a great year last year at BHS. Academically and Athletically.”

"Several of our Fall teams won regional titles and competed at the highest levels. It was a great source of pride for our school and community. Also our band, which is a big part of all our programs, did a great job bringing excitement and pageantry to the games.”

While this reporter is new to this area, coming up on one-year living here, it appears quite clear this area benefits tremendously from these events and the success and communal pride they engender. From what has been told to me, we always have.

For his part, Kyle Moore has expressed optimism, throughout this period of confinement, Fall sports would “kick-off” as scheduled, though he never ruled out starting a bit later than normal. We here at the Times-Voice remain in regular correspondence with many civic, business, political, and school leaders as we go about our business of reporting and recording the news. We have been told by several of these, the Ohio announcement is particularly relevant to our situation and circumstances in Kentucky.

Coach Moore told the Times-Voice the following… "I am excited that around the country states are starting to train for fall sports. It is my understanding that we will have a plan in place in Kentucky pretty soon.”

This would seem to hold true to the thinking Ohio is a harbinger for what Kentucky might shortly do. Coach Moore also told us, "Fall sports are huge for our whole athletic programming. Not just for our school, but all schools in Kentucky, as well as our state associations.”

"All sports work together. The money made from Fall sports is big for kids playing any sport across the state, regardless of when their seasons actually commence.”

Another source told us Kentucky has, thus far, followed Ohio’s lead, lagging perhaps a few weeks behind. It would appear, should this pattern be both actual and once again followed, that would put Kentucky resuming sports related activity, at the school-level, sometime the second week of June.

Training facilities at large (not necessarily the weight-rooms at the local schools) are opening under the Governor’s present 3-phase plan, June 1, 2020. Youth sports are set to begin June 15.

With Ohio making the announcement it did, and states like Oklahoma joining the chorus, it appears we are ever-traveling closer and closer towards a light at the end of this tunnel. What a relief this would prove to be!

Editor's Note: Yesterday, May 28, 2020, in a specially convened meeting of the KHSAA Board of Governors, it was approved for member schools to get back to preparing for their Fall seasons. The KHSAA eliminated the "Dead Period" for 2020 and is permitting teams to initiate some team-preparation as early as June 15, 2020. Teams will be permitted to meet with coaches from June 1-14 so long as they follow the Governor's presently imposed safety-guidelines.

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