Adopting a ‘drug-free work place’ policy could have saved tax payers thousands in insurance premiums 

The Breathitt County Attorney put together a proposal to make Breathitt County a “drug-free” workplace for county employees. According to yesterday’s fiscal court meeting, the designation could have saved the county thousands of dollars in the new fiscal year.

According to what was broadcast over the internet in the fiscal court meeting’s stream, insurance premiums charged “drug-free” work-forces are significantly less than what is charged work-forces with no such policy. Breathitt county’s fiscal court voted not to adopt the policy. 

Magistrates Moore, Bush, and Tincher voted “no.” Roy Herald was the lone vote in favor of the policy.

In another part of the fiscal court business, the Sheriff applied for two police cruisers. The program from which the cruisers were purchased required the county to match 20% of the $35,000.00 from out of the county’s general fund. This could have been charged to money the sheriff keeps for "program support."

The 20% from the general fund isn’t all it will cost taxpayers either. It will cost an additional $17,000.00 to outfit the two new cruisers with the “other equipment,” like lights and insignia, required of police cruisers to be in regular operation as government vehicles.

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