Kentucky State Police Were Looking for Former Jackson Resident
According to a report appearing initially on WKYT, Kentucky State Police were looking for a man who grew up in Jackson, Kentucky. Harlan Eddie McIntosh, age 44, was at large and someone for whom the Kentucky State Police were looking up until their finding him in Gatlinburg, Tennessee where he was taken into custody.
McIntosh was being sought in connection with an armed robbery in Menifee County and a robbery, kidnapping, and first-degree rape in Powell County. At the time of his being taken into custody, there were outstanding, active warrants for his arrest.
McIntosh is described as being 5-11 and weighing approximately 200-pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes. It was believed McIntosh was attempting to flee law enforcement in a 2004 Mazda Tribute, either silver or grey in color, with Tennessee License Plate 1E51H2.
KSP warns, should this detainee escape from custody, he should be regarded as someone who regularly goes around armed and capable of being extremely dangerous. Anyone seeing McIntosh is advised not to approach him and to contact either local law enforcement or the Kentucky State Police, Post 8, by dialing 606-784-4127.
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