Go-Hire Employment and Development pitched the Fiscal Court of Breathitt County at its most recent fiscal court meeting. Go-Hire, formally the HR division of Kentucky River Community Care, is now its own entity and is branching out, it would seem, to other potential income streams and avenues to provide services. 
Go-Hire finds jobs for people signing up to utilize its services. They recruit talent to its employer-partners and profess commitment to delivering un-matched, bottom-line results. 
The company finds the potential-hire, hires them, trains them, and then places its candidate with one of its partner-companies. The employee remains an employee of Go-Hire and is paid by Go-Hire, and not the company to which the person is assigned. 
It is a way of outsourcing hiring decisions to an outside agency which does the screening, training, and recommends to the client, government or private sector, it retain the Go-Hire selected and trained employee for the posted position. It takes the HR decision off-sight. 
Where this is critically important for particularly a government-partner is the nepotism and cronyism claimed nearly always alleged in any hiring decision a government agency, like Fiscal Court, attempts to make. Fiscal Court, which has been famously incapable of hiring a road supervisor (for instance) would seem to benefit from outsourcing this hire to an entity whose motives aren’t alleged or believed to be “suspect." 
In the interest of full disclosure, this particular reporter has a relationship with Go-Hire. I am an employee, or was before the recent round of lay-offs, and was assigned, formerly, to the Media Center of KRCC, Inc. That aside, it is believed this decision is one which may greatly benefit our county fiscal court in staffing decisions.  

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