Here’s your weather forecast for April 28, 2021 

High of 81° Low of 68° with a 60% chance of it raining today. For the half-full people, there is a 40% chance it won't

We will have overcast skies today with a 60% chance of it raining today with an 80% chance of it raining tomorrow. The sun returns Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before likely rain on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week.

According to the National Weather Service, there is a sixty (60) percent chance of it raining today. For all you optimists, there is a forty (40) percent chance it won’t. Chances for rain tomorrow are eighty (80) percent. An eighty-percent chance of rain translates to a fairly empty glass anyway you choose to look at it, sorry optimists.

Today’s high will be 81° with a low of 68° and it is 69° right now outside the Times-Voice's Accu-Weather Center. Tomorrow looks to be significantly overcast with a high of 79° and a low of 55°.

Humidity today will hover around 61%. So, not as sticky as it has been, but stickier than it was yesterday. 

Today's weather forecast was brought to you by the National Weather Service and your Accu-Weather Center from your hometown, original newspaper of legal record, The Jackson Times-Voice.

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