Graduation Parade!

Photo Credit: Denarius "Red" Barnes, Times-Voice Photo-Correspondent

Who amongst us doesn’t love a parade? I don’t know of a soul, do you? Of course, the circumstances underpinning the reason for the parade could have been vastly different and in normal years would have been.
We came out to do for these kids what we could. We declined to dwell on the things outside our power to do. 
For instance, we can’t (though would if it were possible) give back to these seniors the winter and spring activities taken from them by this pernicious virus. We can’t give them back their proms, their senior trips, their baccalaureates, or their commencements. 
What we can do is throw them a parade. So, that is what we did!. 
Saturday afternoon, dead on the hour of noon, the seniors of the local high schools promenaded down the parade route waiving furiously to their friends, families, and neighbors. There were quite the number of citizens along the route cheering on their favorite seniors. 
We waived to them, we cheered for them, we bid them farewell and good-luck. What we couldn’t do is reverse the poor-fortune which will forever make them among the most hard-luck group of seniors to ever graduate from either high school.
For their part, they were brave, they looked deliriously happy, and they cheered, waived, and shouted back at us. It was a lesson in courage. It was a lesson in pluck. It was a lesson about the irrepressible and abounding optimism attenuate with youth and vigor. 
God bless these students. May you use this stepping-stone as a foundation for your future successes.