Memorial Cross Formations on Display at Douthitt Park
The Times-Voice has received the following public service announcement from the Mayor’s office. We are indebted to Mayor Thomas both for her service and commitment to the citizens she serves.
Due to the present coronavirus pandemic, there will be no Memorial Day ceremony this year. The Memorial Cross Formations honoring the fallen in each war will, however, be placed in Douthitt Park. 
The Cross Formations will be in place Friday evening the 22nd through Memorial Day, the 25th of May. Citizens are encouraged to visit the park to pay their respects and to honor the dead. We would appreciate you adhering to social distancing guidelines during your visit. 
All citizens of Breathitt County are reminded that from World War I through the present, 177 Breathitt Countians have give of their lives in service to this country. Breathitt County lost 28 in World War I, 120 in World War II, 14 in Korea and Vietnam; 1 between Korea and Vietnam who was involved in covert operations in the African Congo in 1963, and 1 who succumbed to mortal wounds sustained in Afghanistan. 
This, like every other Memorial Day celebration, should remind all of us of the words of then Secretary of State, Colin Powell, spoken during his address to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2003. The former General turned Statesman remarked that America had gone forth from her shores many times in her history, putting the lives of many wonderful men and women at risk.  
Many of these men and women did, in fact, lose their lives. For this service, America has never required, or even requested, more from the Countries whose freedoms, liberties, and securities she had sacrificed so richly to protect and preserve other than enough ground to bury her fallen soldiers.
All of us on staff at the Times-Voice, and in the Mayor’s office, ask you think of that as you celebrate Memorial Day this year.  

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