Holes to fill for Coach Kyle Moore at Breathitt

Evan Miller

From season to season high school football coaches are in search of players capable of plugging holes, as well as athletes who can open holes...all depending on which end of the football they’re playing. High school coaches also have to plug holes year after year created by departing seniors. Such will be the case for Head Coach Kyle Moore and his football program at Breathitt. Coach Moore, entering his seventh season at the helm, collectively, has seven holes to fill on the offensive and defensive lines.

Gone from the program are the likes of Braxton Eiserman, Dustin Deaton, Chase Banks, Charlie and Ethan Hudson, Nick Shelton and Ethan “Butter” Moore, all names of which the Blue Faithful are much familiar. It’ll be a changing of the guard as such as the 2019 season draws ever closer, and if the Bobcats are to return to Class 2A with a big splash, as they did 20 years ago, they’ll need trench-men capable of draining the pool as they jump into the deep end of high school football for the first time.

It’s not that Coach Moore doesn’t have experienced players returning on the O/D line. Returning seniors Tim Spencer and Caden Hogg, among others, bring back valuable experience, and big Connor Deaton is highly capable of living up to expectations in this his sophomore season. But there’s one particular incoming freshman who’s been getting statewide attention; one capable of making a really big splash.

Evan “Big E” Miller has been turning heads in these weeks prior to his freshman season. At 6’-3” and 305 pounds, he’s hard to miss. And wearing a size-16 cleat indicates he’s not through growing. Read about Evan in this week's Times-Voice.

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