Inside The Mind of Officer Timothy Chandler

Jackson City Police officer, Timothy Chandler, took the time to sit down with me and let me know what was inside his mind. 

            Jackson City Police Officer, Timothy Chandler, began his career in 1993. He graduated from Hamilton College in Ohio. He then began his career at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. Around four years ago Officer Chandler worked in Jackson but moved back to Beattyville. He worked at the Beattyville Police Department for 4 ½ years. 

            “I began dating a woman from Breathitt County and later fell in love, married, and moved back,” said Officer Chandler. 

            When asked why Officer Chandler became an officer, “I wanted to help people. I like helping the underdog,” said Officer Chandler. 

            Officer Chandler discussed the drug situation in Breathitt County. “It’s always going to be around. We try and do the best we can. Just when we think that we have got it under control, another new drug comes along. Unfortunately, drugs just won’t go away. It is sad because it hurts the community and families,” said Officer Chandler.

            We discussed what it was like being a police officer and getting calls all hours of the night. “Luckily we have a schedule here and everyone takes turns being on call,” said Officer Chandler. “However, in case of emergency, we are all here to help one another.”

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