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Couple in Custody

Local residents, Daniel Campbell and Amy Hudson, were picked up by the Kentucky State Police Tuesday, October 12, 2021. The pair were transported to the Kentucky River Medical Center where a blood test was administered to Mr. Campbell by medical personnel. Ms. Hudson wasn’t administered any test at the Emergency Room.

The Times Voice contacted “Inmate Information” at the Kentucky River Regional Jail. Jail personnel confirmed the pair remained in custody as of Wednesday morning (October 13, 2021) with no present bail set for either’s release. 

It is believed bail will be set on any present case now pending. However, the pair had served on them numerous outstanding warrants for which release may not be an option.

Mr. Campbell was charged with DUI, 3rd offense, and driving 25 MPH over the posted limit among various other misdemeanor offenses. He was also cited for operating a motor vehicle on a suspended or revoked license and failure to carry and produce proof of his being properly and legally insured. 

Mr. Campbell had two outstanding warrants served on him,. One of these warrants were for his failure to remit a previously imposed fine and the other for his failure to appear in court when so summoned.

Ms. Hudson remains in custody owing to two outstanding warrants. She wasn’t charged in the instant matter. 

The DUI, 3rd offense, is pretty serious, as misdemeanors go in Kentucky, owing to its carrying a guaranteed sentence of incarceration. Should Mr. Campbell be convicted of this offense, according to research undertaken by newspaper staff online, Mr. Campbell could face between 30-days in jail up to a year. 

Upon conviction, Mr. Campbell could likewise be fined between $500 and $1,000, plus assessed court costs. Campbell’s present revocation or suspension of his driving privileges could be extended an additional 24-36 months should he be convicted or plea guilty. Mr. Campbell may finally be required to attend a DUI School for a year. 

All of these requirements, or “hurdles” if you will, are significant. Similar provisions generally added to either convictions or pleas of guilty comprise standards probationers generally fail to meet. Such failures result in additional warrants and the imposition of additional jail time, fines and cost.  

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