Containment efforts appearing futile across Kentucky as citizens get restless about the efforts extending on into the Fall school term!

According to the Governor’s Sunday briefing, Kentucky’s COVID-19 numbers continue to escalate in spite of our efforts at containment. The announced totals for the weekend, through the morning of Monday, May 18, 2020 were 7,793 detected cases, with 346-total deaths. 

Breathitt County’s numbers appear to evidence containment efforts, locally, have been successful. Breathitt is holding firm with only three detected cases and, thankfully, no reported deaths resulting from the disease. Two of the three reported cases have fully recovered leaving the county with only one active case.

Critics of the Governor’s containment efforts cite to decreasing numbers in both Florida and Georgia in spite of these states running fairly wide open for the past several weeks. Much of the angst at Kentucky's traveling its present course appears centered around the impact this might have should it languish on into the Fall school term. 

The fear is it would endanger the Fall sports from occurring in an area dependent on the revenue generated in ticket sales to fund many of the other highs school extra-curricula activities. We all know to what idle hands lend itself. 

For its part, Julian Tackett, Commissioner of the KHSAA, has indicated he intends for the Fall sports to be played. This decision could be taken away from Commissioner Tackett by gubernatorial executive order. 

The net effect of doing that would likely have terrible political consequences both for the present governor and his political party in down-ballot elections. Some of this impact may be seen in elections set to be conducted here in just a few months.

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