Jackson, Kentucky: August 27, 2020

Our fall, high school athletes seem to encounter nothing but obstacles around every corner!

If you are a fan of high school fall sports, or recognize the important role these type activities play in the overall psychological well being of our children, we are sure this issue is drawing fire from seemingly all directions. In what is yet another gut-wrenching downward turn on the roller-coaster which seemingly never ends, the Kentucky Department of Education has called a meeting for Friday, August 28, 2020. 

What is on the agenda you ask? You could probably guess by now.

Chief among the items to be taken up is the Department’s attempt to derail the measure which the KHSAA’s Board of Control passed, in a 16-2 vote, to commence fall sports, this fall. The moan of “not again” is emanating from deep within the bowels of every parent, fan, and athlete in the commonwealth who has strictly adhered to every guideline required of them under the apparently empty promise compliance would result in getting to play the sports they all love and which, data suggests, is key to combating feelings of angst and depression incident to being a teenager. 

If the KDE gets its way, or the way “insiders” suggest the organization is leaning, none of the commonwealth’s children will get the opportunity to compete in volleyball, soccer, football, or marching band. However, there is more at stake than just those sports. 

Basketball, long thought “King of the Bluegrass” is played in a closed environment with recirculated air. All the athletes touch both each other and share the same ball. This is an inside activity where all involved breathe the same recirculated air as everyone else. 

Put another way, if we can’t play the outdoor sports this fall, basketball is off the table. Experts agree the disease is more spreadable during such an event than it is even playing football.

There is rampant speculation, commonwealth-wide, this is an attempt by the governor to slip in the back-door what he was too timid to walk through the front. The thought is that any politician advocating a move of this nature coming out of the travel baseball and AAU basketball which has been permitted to play this summer has sort of signed his own political death warrant. 

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