Kentucky-wide publication features one of our own

Being featured by KPGFootball is an inestimable honor for any young player...

One of Kentucky’s most widely read online publications about football, Kentucky Prep Football, based in Owensboro, Kentucky has written a feature article about Kory Combs. The article, which we have below linked for you, is a testament to the type of young football player Kory is and what he represents in the coming years to the Bobcat football program. 

We caught up with Fletcher Long, who is not only the Editor of the Jackson Times-Voice but is on the Editorial Board of Kentucky Prep Gridiron. Mr. Long told us, “It is an inestimable honor for any young player to be the subject of a KPGFootball feature. Our writers and staff do an unparalleled job of digging into a subject and coming away with the essence of what will make a player a future star among the pantheon of other middle and high school players across Kentucky.”

We asked Mr. Long about this particular feature. He told the Times-Voice that, “Kory Combs being featured has been earned by his hard work. Kory has worked tirelessly to prove himself an elite football player on the primetime, commonwealth-wide stage and by our platform.”

Congratulations to the entire Combs clan. A special congratulations to Kory. Keep it up and keep grinding and you will find tremendous reward awaits both you and the Bobcat program going forward.

Link: Article about Kory Combs 

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