Local Containment Efforts Regarding COVID-19 Still Appearing Effective
There has been a lot of national talk about the wisdom and even effectiveness of continued containment efforts. We have had stories of states ordering coroners not to report actual mortality rates to other states accused of "cooking its books" to falsely report numbers which seem to support the state’s plan to reopen where it really has already decided to do so. 
Maybe some of these states should have proceeded more cautiously, maybe not, only time will tell. It seems foolish to rush in where Angels fear to tread.
Locally, our efforts at containment appear successful, at least to date. According to the most recent data accessed by the paper, Breathitt County has one newly confirmed case of COVID-19. 
The individual in question is complying with all recommended restrictions. We join in the communal prayer for a speedy recovery and as few complications as possible. As of this morning, May 27, 2020, we have 4 confirmed cases with only one of the four being active.  
We are very grateful to the local governments which have led us through this dark period and more importantly thankful to all of you for the efforts and sacrifices made. Let’s keep it up and operate as safely as we are capable and continue to contain this pandemic until we can get it “licked,” once and for all. 

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