3 Magistrates No-Show the Governor

 Judge Noble says snub of Kentucky’s Governor embarrassed him

“…whether you voted for him or not, you should respect the office,” Judge Jeff Noble

 Governor delivers $496,021 in assistance to Breathitt County… 

It was the first time in 26-years a sitting governor had entered the Breathitt County Courthouse. According to information provided the Times-Voice, the last Governor of Kentucky to have walked inside the county’s courthouse was Paul Patton, sometime in 1995.  

This particular Governor, Andy Beshear, was bringing along $496,021 in discretionary aid to present to the county and city to ease suffering. There was only 5-million in discretionary money from which to parcel out funds and the Governor generously delivered nearly half a million of it to Breathitt County for its roads. The Governor’s address was hosted in the Fiscal Court meeting room.

Breathitt’s Superintendent of Schools (Phillip Watts) was there. The Mayor of Jackson, Kentucky  (Laura Thomas) was there. The County Court Clerk (Becky Watts Curtis) was there as was the Sheriff (John Hollon). Our county’s Judge/Executive (Jeff Noble) was there, as was Magistrate Roy Darrell Herald and both local newspapers. 

What was more illuminating than who was there was who wasn’t, according to Judge/Executive Jeff Noble. The newspaper caught up with Judge Noble after the event. “I was always taught that regardless of whether you voted for the man or not, you should respect his office. We have three gentlemen elected to Fiscal Court who don’t appear to have been taught the same lesson.”

“Their no-showing Kentucky’s Governor embarrassed me. It embarrassed their constituents. It embarrassed our Fiscal Court. It embarrassed our county.”  

“You know, I messed up when introducing Governor Beshear by calling him, ‘Governor Bevin.’ Some people, connected to the three who no-showed, took shots at me on social media for that,” Judge Noble told the Times-Voice

“I am so sorry that happened. However, Governor Beshear and Rocky Adkins (his senior advisor) couldn’t have been nicer about it.”

“Maybe, just maybe, if I wasn’t so consumed with where the majority of our Magistrates were and whether they either were or weren’t coming, I wouldn’t have been in such a scrambled state of mind when introducing our Governor. It’s easy to take shots at the players on the field from the sidelines or the grandstands.”

The Governor delivered to Breathitt County just shy of a half a million dollars in flood-relief on this visit. The event was covered on regional and commonwealth-wide television.

Judge Noble wants people to know one thing. “The absence of who should have been there but weren’t, three guys who must not have consider receipt of those funds important enough for them to show, was pretty noticeable. I mean, everyone noticed.” 

Note: Mr. Long is an award-winning Kentucky journalist recognized for excellence in both writing and reporting by the Kentucky Press Association.


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