Long stays among the mountain's hottest football prospects in the 2021 class!
Oberlin College convened a Heisman Visit with Breathitt County’s William Long and decided to be the 5th-college program to offer Long a roster spot on its Fall/2021 football team. Oberlin College, one of the country’s very elite liberal arts colleges, plays in the North Coast Athletic Conference of which it is a founding member. 
Oberlin plays its games at the Austin E. Knowlton Athletics Complex and is perhaps best known for having formerly been coached by the late John Heisman, for whom college football’s most coveted award is named. Of course, the Yeoman also would remind you about its 7-6 upset of The Ohio State University it pulled off in October of 1921. 
Long met, via Zoom, on Wednesday evening with Head Coach Steve Opgenorth, Co-Defensive Coordinator and Defensive Line Coach, Chris Clift, and Safeties Coach James Mayden. After discussing everything from the program’s future plans, the academic prowess and esteemed reputation of the institution and the advantages a degree from there carries, and how William Long and his skill set would fit into their defensive down-four, Head Coach Opgenorth extended an offer to Long to become a Yeoman. 
Long credits a great relationship with James Mayden as being one of the main reasons he is interested in Oberlin’s program. “Coach Mayden already seems like a good friend. He gets along really well with my dad too. They talk all the time.”
We were able to talk with William Long here at the Times-Voice. Long told us, “It is important to me I get the opportunity to earn an academic degree which gives me, going forward, a competitive advantage in the job market. Equally important is to play somewhere which has the support, ability, and desire to play for a championship at whatever level of play the college competes. I believe Oberlin fits that description well as do several other of the schools who have offered me so far.”
Long announced on social media earlier today he would be committing on his father’s birthday, August 2, 2020. When asked why he told us, “I don’t want anything to interfere with my working to get a 4th State Football Championship brought back to the Den and the Riverbank here at Breathitt County. I owe it to my teammates and my coaches to have my attention fully focused on team, and not individual, goals once play begins.” 
Long told us he would sit down with his coaching staff at Breathitt County High School and the group would discuss the options from among whatever programs have extended an offer to him at that time. He says the group would then announce a decision. “From that point forward,” Long told us, “It will be Lexington or bust for my Bobcats. That is all about which I am going to concern myself; that, and my grades.”  

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