Other two passengers still getting treated in the hospital

 …a sad time for our community, we need as many prayers as we can get.

Last evening in Owsley County around the Jetts Creek area on Highway 30 a vehicle driven by one of the occupants and in which the other two were passengers left the highway and ended up underwater. At this time, the Times-Voice doesn’t have many particulars about whom was driving versus who was riding. All we can say for sure, at this time, is the incident appears to have been a one-vehicle affair and may have resulted from road conditions.

According to what we know presently, the vehicle was rounding a curve when it slid off Highway 30 and ended up in the bottom of Jetts Creek. We have been led to believe the vehicle came to rest submerged in Jetts Creek in Owesly County but to what extent it was submerged we don’t presently know. 

Emergency personnel responding to the scene were able to get all three occupants from out of the vehicle and the creek, rushing two of the three to the hospital for treatment. A third person in the car, and a resident of Breathitt County, tragically perished. 

We reached out to a friend of the young men who were in the vehicle. We didn't obtain permission to quote her by the time the story was set to be posted however we can tell you this person told the newspaper she had heard from a sister of one of the occupants and was told one of the three is suffering from hyperthermia and that two of the three were still in the hospital. 

This same person told the Times-Voice one of the occupants was “a new father,” and that this incident had ushered in “…a sad time for our community, we need as many prayers as we can get.”  

This is a developing story. Please check back here or check our story in this Wednesday’s print edition for additional details.

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