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Although Governor Andy Beshear is just beginning his tenure, former Governor Matt Bevin is raising new allegations of corruption and issuing a warning to Kentucky voters. 

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“Tell your husband I am ashamed to say I took any part in his rearing. In fact, I am ashamed to claim our having a long-standing relationship. I am cancelling my subscription to his newspaper.” Well, we can’t please everyone, I suppose.

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I ran into a friend of mine and the topic of the President’s alleged offer to release military aid to the Ukraine in exchange for information about Joe Biden, and/or his son, entered the conversation. It appears to be the thrust of the present efforts toward impeachment.  

Jeff Noble was indicted Monday on two felony counts and one misdemeanor. The allegation involves his purportedly using $700 (roughly) of public money to buy lumber for personal use. Even the charge, as reported to the newspaper, is misleading.