Roots of Breathitt County

Schools out, let’s grab some ice-cream at the Scoopy Doo. That’s what everyone did back in the mid 70’s. The Scoopy Doo was a place for kids to go after school.

            The The Scoopy Doo was owned by Roy McClees, Kathy Alberts, and Glenn Watts. It was a restaurant which lasted from the 1970’s to 1980’s. “I managed it,’ said Alberts. “We served hot dogs, ice-cream, chilli, drinks etc.”

“The Scoopy doo Resturant was a cool place to go after school. We would always meet there and get an ice-cream cone or milkshake. We would just hang out there and watch the cars on main street go by,” said Clyde Howard.

“The Scoopy Doo Resturant was a popular little establishment in its day. It had a variety of different foods, but I do believe that they had the best fried chicken that I have ever eaten,” said Debbie Henson-Miller. “I was in there almost daily. The building may have been small but the service was excellent. I wish it was still there today.”

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