Jackson, Kentucky: November 18, 2020

Middlesboro a scratch…Leslie advances…Football playoffs still full steam ahead!

In the "shot heard around the world," at least in the Class 2A’s seventh-district, the team with the highest RPI but the second seed is done. Middlesboro’s Director of Athletics has announced that the Yellow-Jackets, 6-1, had a positive Covid-19 return on a test administered to a member of the coaching staff and that the team is having to be quarantined. 

This means the Yellow-Jackets forfeit Friday night’s home game with 3rd-seeded Leslie County. Breathitt County, the one seed, is still slated to play Knott County at home on the Riverbank. 

A four-seed has never before beaten a one-seed since the KHSAA has adopted the current playoff format. Last season, 4th-seeded Calloway County in Class 4A’s first-district nearly pulled the unlikely upset when it pushed top-seeded Hoptown at the Stadium of Champions before ultimately falling 28-20. 

This year, with as sporadic as play has been and as intermittent as both play and practice have had to be, literally anything is possible and nothing can be taken for granted. The Bobcats better come to the field Friday night ready to play and looking for Knott County to pull out all the stops to accomplish what would be a monumental upset.  

Should Breathitt win Friday night, they would get Leslie the following week on the Riverbank. Should Knott win, Knott would travel to Leslie County for the District Championship. 

Breathitt is vying for its third-consecutive, district football championship and a second consecutive Regional Championship should they get that far. First things first, Bobcats; clear the first obstacle. 

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