About a House Divided

Houses divided against themselves have faired poorly history relates
I am not sure we are limited to just two political parties anymore. I believe the Greenes, Boeberts, and Trumps have shown me the emergence of a third party. 
We have always relied on the democrats to be liberally bent. We have always relied on the republicans to be conservatively bent. We have always had a moderate swath cut down the middle toward which both republicans and democrats could migrate for safety.
It appears the GOP may be splitting. What is splitting off from the Grand Old Party is something sinister, or so I would contend. 
This third-party are calling themselves “Patriots.” January the 6th’s insurrection, earlier this year (2021), not too subtly suggests this party’s name may be ill-suited.
The problem with this divide is two-fold. One, Jesus said in The Bible, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” Mark 3:25. 
Two of these parties appear to be divisions from the same party. The Patriots and the GOP are a house divided against itself right now. The prognosis is unfavorable.
The second problem is getting used to our no longer being mainly conservative and liberal. Apparently other “isms” have crept in to the mix. “Fascism” most prominently appearing among the new entrants into the national debate.
There is a favorite saying of mine. Curiously, I have always misattributed this saying to the late Sir Winston Churchill. Although he may well have said it, he was far from the first.
The saying actually originates, as best we can tell, from Anselme Polycarpe Batbie. Batbie was a French academic jurist from the 19th-century who said (in French), “Celui qui n’est pas républicain à vingt ans fait douter de la générosité de son âme; mais celui qui, après trente ans, persévère, fait douter de la rectitude de son esprit.”
In english it translates, ““He who is not a républicain (french political party thought to be more on the liberal side in Batbie’s day) at twenty compels one to doubt the generosity of his heart; but he who, after thirty, persists, compels one to doubt the soundness of his mind.” Modern day Republicans would absolutely revile at this notion without the parenthetical explanation I above provided. You’re welcome.
So, for centuries we have thought of liberals as big-hearted, generous souls and republicans as intelligent, level-thinking pragmatists. What ground is left to adopt for purposes of political analysis for the “Patriots?” 
How about this? The "Patriot Party" can be the idiots.
This is your old Uncle Abe Yokem and I am still up here SHOUTING FROM THIS MOUNTAIN-TOP!
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