Hey, if you're sufficiently rich, connected, powerful, and prominent, you really can do anything you want to anybody you want...or so it may seem.

Fist-fight at the Banker's house

I have a sister who lives in another state. It really doesn’t matter which one, but its Ohio if you have to know.

She told me she had a friend attacked just a few nights prior in the home of the Vice-President of a prestigious financial institution around her neck of the woods. She said the person in whose home the attack occurred is the head of commercial lending.

This big-time “muckety-muck’s” marriage had been dissolved owing largely to his extra-marital dalliances. He appears to have learned nothing from this.

He was entertaining one of his new love interests (unbeknownst to her) when another of his former lovers came calling, one of the many who helped him break-up his former marriage.

The woman he was entertaining was around 5-3, and tipped the scales at 125. The other woman, the one who committed an offense (in my opinion) is 5-11 and weighs around 160. Anyway, the bigger of the two knocks on the door while the big-time banker is entertaining the much smaller woman. 

When Mr. Banker let in the woman at the door, she made a bee-line for the other woman on the couch, coming over the back-end to attack her target both violently and causing the victim pretty significant injury.

The victim made a police report. The police attempted to dissuade her from doing this, promising this situation would last an entire year before it would even see the inside of a courtroom. They also forecast the outcome would likely not be worth it to her before it was all finished. 

The police told her the attacker is “well-connected,” from a “powerful family,” and that this was her 4th-incident of the kind. “No one else prosecutes her, maybe you would be better off leaving this alone,” they explained. 

The victim indicated she didn’t care, she still wanted to press charges. The police then told her she couldn’t press charges, that it had to be Mr. Vice-President of the Bank, as it happened in his home. The police were sure he would not want this story getting around town, predicting the banker “wouldn’t dare” file charges. 

This entire story is the reason I don’t pay much mind to whether someone is or isn’t described to me as being a “criminal.” There are lots of criminals abounding about many communities. 

Some of these criminals travel amongst us undetected because they are “too well-connected” or “too important” to ever get charged. Some of them get full police cooperation in “covering up” their crimes as the police dissuade victims from filing charges, like what appears to have happened here. 

You see, assuming what was related to me is accurate and not a “pruning of the bushes” before my sister “sells me the house,” this woman from the important family is a criminal. She may be a monster. She has come into another person’s home and violently attacked a defenseless, unwary person. 

Why? Because she can!

I am not surprised she has gotten away with such before now. This explains why she is so bold and brazen in repeating the same or similar conduct. 

If I have been told the truth, the woman assailing the other is trash, a criminal, and someone who is learning precious little about consequences. The law doesn’t apply to her, she’s been taught. 

She’s too prominent to pay the consequences, too rich, too important, and maybe too white. I bet her commentary about other criminals would prove priceless. 

I would wager this woman is one whale of a hypocrite. I would love to watch a news broadcast with her, just to hear what she would say. Then again, what in the world do I know? 

Not much. I know this…she will continue to do this type thing until she gets visited by a consequence to deter her from doing it in the future.

This is your old Uncle Abe Yokem and I am still up here SHOUTING FROM THIS MOUNTAIN-TOP!

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