Shouting From the Mountain-Top (about the R. Stone depos in FA)

Attorney Larry Klayman, firing back and forth with Roger Stone in deposition video released to various social media sites

Two conservative operatives tear into the other

Gloves appear to be off in Florida suits filed against Roger Stone

“You’ll be in prison by then.” Larry Klayman to Roger Stone

“The clock’s ticking faster on you than me, pal.” Stone to Klayman in response

With all the excitement over who at the Trump organization may be getting indicted by Cy Vance’s office in New York City, people have had their attentions diverted away from the numerous civil suits filed and pending in the state of Florida against Trump strongman, Roger Stone. One of the plaintiff’s lawyers, Larry Klayman, whose picture is attached to this piece, has decided to post some contentious video online for all to see. The content doesn’t reflect very well on either gentleman.

The video stems from five and one-half (5.5) hours worth of deposition recorded over two days in a South Florida court reporter’s office in mid-February. It is drama at its highest and features Stone baring his teeth, twitching his lips, and losing his temper in the face of goading from Mr. Klayman’s questioning.

The two men, Klayman and Stone, also duked it out over which one of them would be felled first by the legal system. Stone’s problems are well known and infinitely covered. Klayman is in quite a bit of a pickle himself with legal professional/ethical boards where he is licensed to practice though this might not be as well known as the various Stone scenarios.

For two contentious days back in September of 2020, and before this deposition in February of 2021, the Judicial Watch founder (Klayman) battled bar ethics charges of “dishonesty, deceit, and misrepresentation” over his aggressive drive to join the defense team for Cliven Bundy. Mr. Bundy was charged in a criminal case stemming from the Nevada rancher’s armed standoff with federal authorities in 2014.

D.C. Bar officials contended the famously litigious Klayman misrepresented facts, filed meritless legal pleadings, and brought frivolous demands for recusal and an ethics complaint against a judge who rejected the hard-charging lawyer’s bid to join the defense team at Bundy’s request. Klayman insisted he was guilty of nothing more than “zealous advocacy” in the episode.

However ethics officials claim Klayman has made a specialty out of using the legal system to harass his enemies. Klayman contends he’s the victim of a politically motivated crusade to end his decades as a legal pit bull for conservative causes and figures.

Now Klayman finds himself eating his own kind. Klayman’s open contention with Roger Stone in the pending Florida lawsuits pits two conservative operatives against the other.

The two right-wingers are flinging dung at each other. Neither is pulling any punches. The fur is flying.

At one particularly heated exchange in the deposition, only now making its social media rounds after being posted to numerous sites by Larry Klayman, Stone indicated he was looking forward to turning the tables and taking Klayman’s deposition. Klayman shot back, “You’ll be in prison by then.” Stone replied, “You’ll be disbarred by then...The clock’s ticking faster on you than me, pal.” 

Now boys, play nicely. As old Uncle Abe's sweet mother used to tell him all the time when he was growing up, "Abner, if you can’t say something nice about your neighbor, perhaps you shouldn’t say anything at all."

Barring the return to civility usually reserved for such high society, at least this spectacle will continue to make for fun internet viewing. I have always heard certain types of predators will eventually prey on their own kind.

What do you know? It looks to be true! Wonders never cease...

This is your old Uncle Abe Yokem and I am still up here SHOUTING FROM THIS MOUNTAIN-TOP!


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