Experience may (not) be the finest teacher

It may be wrestling!

The Tennessee Titans of the NFL just signed Adam Coon to play along its offensive line. If you are an avid football fan and have no idea who Adam Coon is, don't fret, there is good reason for this.

Coon's signing has been a controversial one spawning invective and outrage among the Titans' fan base. There is also a reason for this.

We think the fans would be wise to just hold-on, one darn moment here. This might work out fabulously. Particularly if history, once again, repeats itself.

The downside is Coon hasn’t played an organized game of football since he was an All-State linebacker, at Fowlerville High School in Michigan, following the 2012 high-school season. The upside is, at the sport he has been playing, he has been absolutely phenomenal. 

Some Titans’ fans are outraged. These fans believe a football body of work is crucial to being able to play football at the game's highest level. 

The very idea an NFL team would sign a player who hasn’t played past high school. To the critics, it appears unconscionable.

Uncle Abe can’t tell you what makes a prospect suitable for NFL play. Apparently, on-field production isn’t among the characteristics either prized or considered. However, I can tell you this strategy has been before tried, before tested, and before successful.

Believe it or not, there is a direct precedence for a NFL team attempting this very thing. It isn’t as outlandish as it appears. How many of you have ever heard of Stephen Neal?

Stephen Neal was an offensive guard who played his entire career for the New England Patriots. He was signed by the Patriots, as a “free agent,” in 2001. He was an integral part of the team’s winning three (3) Super Bowl rings. 

Neal, like Adam Coon, didn’t play a single down of college football. Neal was a wrestler at California State-Bakersfield in college.

It is just as well he didn’t play football for the Roadrunners. They didn’t field a collegiate football team when Neal was there and still don’t. 

Neal was a world champion in freestyle wrestling, a national champion amateur and collegiate wrestler, and obviously quite an athlete. The same can be said of the Titans’ latest experiment/addition. 

While Adam Coon didn’t play football at the University of Michigan, the former Detroit Athletic Club's High-School Athlete of the Year, four-time high-school wrestling state champion, and former football All-Stater at linebacker in 2012 (Honorably Mentioned All-Stater along the OL in 2010 & 2011), is both a highly skilled and accomplished athlete.

Coon was a three-time All-American in wrestling for the Wolverines. As for this concept of “frame” about which the entire football world appears so enamored, Coon has that too. 

Coon measures 6′ 5.” Coon has plenty of length on which to drape more mass to his present 265-pounds.

Coon has a firm grasp of the type leverage required to thrive along an offensive front. It may be fairly argued Coon has engaged in plenty of the same type warfare used along a professional football line of scrimmage for which the sport of wrestling has long been considered a first-rate instructor. 

All those people out there appalled at this latest move, relax! Give the front-office of the Titans some room to operate here. I think this might just be a cornerstone pickup for the franchise which will reap the club a substantial harvest. 

Then again, I am just a hillbilly. What in the world do I know?

This is your Uncle Abe Yokem reminding you I am alive, kicking, and still up here SHOUTING FROM THIS MOUNTAIN-TOP!

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