On our need to walk from here into the light
I have never been particularly theological. I am a believer, though I would call it being a “knower.” I don’t believe there to be a legitimately supported argument for there being nothing greater than we running the universe in which we live. That being said, I generally leave the preaching to the more qualified. 
There is a bit of theology which seems particularly appropriate for the times. In light of the seventh former associate of the sitting president coming to be indicted for a series of federal conspiracies from money laundering to wire fraud, and I am speaking of Steve Bannon of course, and the Senate intelligence committee releasing a 1,000-page report finding there really was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians to win in 2016, it would appear many things are “coming to light” about which we had before been kept in the dark.
Light and dark are interesting theological themes. If you look at John 3:20 in your King James Version of The Bible, it says that “For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.” 
That is the down side of the recent discoveries above detailed coming to light. It has led to a great deal of reproach. 
Certain things are coming to light about which the president has taken great pains to keep us in the dark. For instance, the Trump tax returns we have been promised but never shown. 
The president’s legal team has fought in nearly every court in the land to keep Trump’s tax information from us. He’s been in office all but 70 or so days of a 4-year term and we still haven’t seen them.
Why? What is in the returns Trump is desperate to conceal? Is it that Trump is such a doer of evil that he has grown to hate the light. Is he afraid, if his returns should come to light, it will disclose his participation in deeds screaming for reproach?
We used to discredit people who reported being subjected to unlawful violence at the hands of our government. Our police, we maintained, only directed force at people whose conduct required it be met with force. Any force used was the appropriate amount of force necessary and only after the government agent was left with no alternative. Then came body cameras.
Body camera’s have shown us that many people who have attempted to relate to us the wickedness of the government’s use of authority, force, and power have been truthful this whole time. There is a present push for more body cameras. There is a push for interrogations to be taped. We are eschewing clandestine, shadowy proceedings. This is appropriate.   
Perhaps politicians should be fitted for body cameras. If history has taught us anything, it has shown us people are capable of unspeakable cruelty and wretchedness when no one is looking. 
I have always said true morality is what one does in private with no fear of discovery. Virtue, under scrutiny, is fear of consequence; not morality.  
We have a group of Republicans attacking the Republican sitting president under what they are calling The Lincoln Project. Abraham Lincoln, who was one of the country’s finest trial lawyers before becoming its president, once said, “I would rather be a little nobody, then to be an evil somebody.”
I agree with him. I have achieved being a little nobody quite thoroughly. 
In addition to being a nobody, I am a patriot. This country needs its patriots right now. In the immortal words of essayist, author, and environmentalist Edward Abbey, “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.”
This is especially true when the government’s darkness seems to perpetually come to light. This is where we. Do we have the mettle to walk into the light from here?
This is your old Uncle Abe Yokem and I am still up here SHOUTING FROM THIS MOUNTAIN-TOP!
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