Shouting from the Mountain-Top

The Murder Hornet, because there isn't enough going wrong these days!

Let me guess, next come the Trumpeters 
Humanity has survived water turning to blood, frogs, lice, flies, livestock pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, and the killing of the first-born. This was just to get us out of Egypt. 
From time to time when Humanity or its most offensive segments mis-step, God afflicts us with certain plagues or so the Bible tells us. The Pope has opined the present pandemic is an example of the Earth slapping us back for all the horrid things we have done to it. Punishment, he reckons, for our poor stewardship of the many blessings over which we were given dominion. 
He reasons we really weren’t supposed to poison the water supply in places like Flint, Michigan. We weren’t supposed to pump endless streams of pollutants into the air. 
Perhaps, we shouldn’t have dogmatically insisted on running automobiles on oil-based, internal-combustion engines in spite of having the technology, for decades, to run vehicles on more environmentally friendly forms of fuel. You know, like electricity, ethanol, or any type of fuel which powers a motor but which doesn't pump mass quantities of carbon-based poisons into our air. 
On second thought, maybe it was error to be completely engrossed in stockpiling personal wealth. Maybe we shouldn’t have been propping up certain industries which employ even bigger and wealthier lobbyists which control political spending, and therefore politicians, through PACs (Political Action Committees). 
Maybe the endless pursuit of wealth and personal fulfillment regardless of the consequences isn’t Christian? So you're saying, Pope Francis, that our attitude shouldn’t have been, “screw everybody who wants clean air and water, let them eat cake?” Is that guy crazy or what? 
Of course, from time to time in our past, we have been plagued rather richly by a Deity tired of our crap. How much of what has been occurring might be interpreted similarly?
Prior to the present pandemic, the Earth  had been experiencing the melting of the polar ice caps, the depletion of the ozone layer, an uptick in natural disasters from wild fires to tsunamis to earth-quakes to tornados to floods. Then came this earth-slap of a natural disaster which has completely wrecked our economy and swelled the unemployment rolls to Great Depression-tying levels. 
Old Uncle Abe is beginning to wonder when to start trekking west in the hopes of catching on with an orange-picking operation. There’s probably many of you readers hoping I will just go on ahead. You’ll pick me back up when you arrive.
But of all the possible things which may afflict us, of all the slaps in the face the Earth could possibly give us, there is one now which has to take top honors. As if coming up with a vaccine for the Coronavirus isn’t daunting enough, now we have the Murder Hornet.
Just this morning, in the New York Times, I read where scientists and beekeepers are racing to control the spread of the Asian giant hornet. Great, here’s just one more recent import from Asia we could have done well without. 
It has the nickname Murder Hornet owing to its being a vicious species which decapitates bees with its mandibles of death. Mandibles of death! That is so horrid it was worth saying (and your reading) twice. It could devastate bee populations. Well, that will sure mess up the Honey Festival.
In Japan, the hornets kill up to 50-people each year. Being stung by one is akin to having a red-hot thumbtack driven into your flesh, one scientist told the New York Times. Well, isn’t that just lovely?
One has to wonder if these aren’t the end of times. Is the Lamb going around breaking seals and which seal are we on exactly? The Sixth seal, in the Book of Revelation, when broken by the Lamb, prompted earthquakes and other cataclysmic events
I hate to get apocalyptic on everybody, however I see Murder Hornet in the middle of a world-wide Covid-19 pandemic and I start searching for the seven angels before the throne of God warming up the Trumpets. Can’t wait for what type of pestilence awaits us in the seven bowls of judgments when those other cataclysmic events occur.
This is your old Uncle Abe Yokem, and for now at least, I am still up here SHOUTING FROM THIS MOUNTAIN-TOP!
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