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Swinging on a Star...
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Swinging on a Star...

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If you’d like to swing on a star
Teams we would love to see fill out our remaining 2020 football schedule
Singer Frank Sinatra recorded a song once entitled, “Swinging on a Star.” I doubt it, but there may be some of you out there old enough to remember it. My father used to sing it to me when I was little.
In the song he famously asked, “...Would you like to swing on a star/Carry moonbeams home in a jar/And be better off than you are…” The point of the song, of course, was what would you be if you could be anything you want? We have decided to apply the same fanciful approach to this article regarding filling two open dates on our 2020 schedule. 
The KHSAA has announced the football regular season begins September 11. That has left coaches and administrators scrambling to fill their schedules. 
After all, the new starting date wiped out the opposition slated initially to play prior to that date. Breathitt County had games scheduled, two in August and one the first Friday in September, which have all now been wiped from its slate. The Bobcats only have seven games, 2 at home and 5 on the road.
It is our understanding Athletic Director Kyle Moore is in negotiations to schedule two games for the three he lost which would give him 9 should that occur. Further, these games need to both be on the Riverbank as we will desperately need those gates to fund the athletic budget, which funds all the other fall sports too.
The two dates in question are the open date on October 9 and November 6, owing to the first round being moved to November 13. The Times-Voice hears the “Listserv” coaches email is virtually lit with messages from coaches, Kentucky-wide, looking for games.
So what does one do? Do you bang them 9 straight weeks and risk a Covid-19 spike resulting in having to drop out of the playoffs? Do you play the 7 games and lose out on the home gate revenue so vital to your athletic department’s funding?
Now, we have heard Kyle Moore has had difficulty filling the missing games. Breathitt is reputed to be loaded storming out of the 2020 starting gate and there are teams out there who don’t want to come to the Riverbank and get curb-stomped
We would like to propose some “dream” match-ups, if all things could be worked out for two teams to come to the Riverbank. Two of these teams would be scheduled if we were swinging on a star or carrying moonbeams home in a jar, so to speak. Below the paragraph for each team, we will give you the projected point spread, according to the computer algorithm, should the game be played on a neutral field. 
Both games would have to be played at the Riverbank owing to funding considerations. How much does it advantage the Bobcats to play at the Mike Holcomb Athletic Complex? You tell us.
Belfry….It just goes without saying. There wouldn’t be a place to sit or park this side of Winchester. The Class 3A reigning state champions return a ton of talent particularly at its skill positions including Mr. Football candidate, Isaac Dixon. Maybe we could water our field this time. Kidding. Computer says…Belfry by 17-points.
Russell…Man, remember the 28-27 overtime win in ’02 in the semis? This would flat be a matchup which would bring out the Bobcat faithful hunting a little nostalgia in these uncertain times. Computer says…Russell by 15-points.
Hazard…We had this matchup to start the season before we lost the first three weeks. Breathitt has a natural rivalry with teams from Perry County born from our geographical proximity. This gate was going to be huge had it occurred. Maybe it would be wise to try to get this one back on November 6 since neither of us had a game scheduled then anyway. Computer says…Breathitt wins by 10.
Perry County Central…We reiterate what we said about the Perry County thing again here. Don’t know if Dixon would be too keen in coming to the Riverbank with his District 8, Class 4A club coming off a 1-9. A Class 4A win with the multipliers would help our RPI. Computer says…Breathitt wins by 34.
Paintsville…One of Class 1A’s finest teams and a State Finalist in 2019, the Paintsville squad looks to be formidable again in 2020. The Tigers are preseason ranked number 2 in Class 1A. Teams from Paintsville travel well so a huge gate here is a given. Computer says…Breathitt wins by 1. This game is a “toss-up."
Bell County…Obviously Dudley Hilton’s formerly having coached at Breathitt makes any team he brings here an attractive matchup. We haven’t seen him since 2018 and we really didn’t show up as they beat us on the Riverbank, 40-0 that night. We think we deserve a chance to give that showing another go. Computer says…Bell County by 12.
There it is, those are teams, just off the top of our heads, we believe would put a lightening-bolt charge into an already electric, home-field atmosphere. Don’t know who we will get to fill our open dates, if we get anyone, but hopefully, whomever it is, they will impact our RPI enough to get that round 4 game at home. History supports playing the semis at home is important toward running out of the tunnel onto Kroger Field.
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