Powell County bows out;

North Laurel "Tagged" in!

Breathitt AD closes on game on The Riverbank

Scouting the Jaguars

There is a children’s game which supposedly originated in 1738 in England and may have been a variation on the Scottish children’s game called “tig.” Tig meant to “tough or tap” and the Scottish game dated back to 1721. 

When the person deemed “it,” or the one charged with catching and tagging another person, caught someone; he/she would touch the person and say, “Tag, you’re it.” Immediately thereafter the former-“it” would run away from the newly dubbed “it” as fast as that person’s legs would carry him/her.

There is a pandemic version of this same game being played out on football fields across the commonwealth. The team who has enough players out of quarantine to fill its positions tags a new opponent immediately upon learning the team it had prepared and expected to play isn’t going to show. This new variation has a component of “musical chairs” built right in there.

Anyway, Powell County was on Breathitt’s schedule for tomorrow night. They have too many infected players to field a team so they won’t be coming. 

North Laurel, Tag! You’re it!

Tomorrow night, the Jaguars from Class 5A’s Eighth-District will be heading up the road from London, Kentucky to meet our Bobcats on The Riverbank. It will be our boys’ home opener. Kickoff will be at 7:30 pm. 

We thought we would tell you a little about tomorrow night’s foe. First of all, we have already mentioned North Laurel is a 5A opponent. North Laurel lost last week to Bell County in overtime 30-22 in London, Kentucky.

The QB is a good one in Tucker Warren (No. 4). Tucker is a ’24 kid (So.) who completed 21 of 25 passes against Bell County for 237-yards and 2-thrown TDs against his one-interception. Gavin Hurst (’22, No. 15) was a favorite target of his down the field as he caught 5-passes for 120-receiving yards while Christian Larkey (’24, No. 11) collected 10-receptions for 85-yards and one of the two receiving scores (the other was caught by Caden Harris ’22, No. 23 for his lone reception). 

North Laurel only ran the football 25-times the entire game with Bell County. Remember, that game went into overtime. The Jaguars gained only 103-yards rushing, carrying two over the goal line the entire evening. 

Now either Bell County is really good against the run defensively or North Laurel would much rather throw it than run it. We would imagine, with the really fine young signal-caller the Jaguars have in Tucker, Coach Larkey would just as soon air it out.

Collier Mills (’25, No. 1) handles the place-kicking duties and probably punts. He was two for two on PATs and missed his only FG attempt. 

Now defensively, the Jaguars are an opportunistic bunch. They forced three-fumbles, recovering two in last week’s game. 

Austin Johnson (’24, No. 50, DL) led the team with 16-tackles against Bell including one of the team’s two QB-sacks. Treyshawn Holmes-Evans (’24, No. 25, DB) had 15-tackles and a TFL. Jacob Bowman (’22, No. 6, LB) had 14-tackles and a TFL. Christian Larkey (No. 11, DB), who plays both ways, had 13-stops. Jack Chappell (No. 32, DB) and Caden Harris (No. 23, LB) had 11 and 10-stops respectively.

Now, if you were paying attention to those numbers, it should have told you something. Only Austin Johnson is a first-level defender and he stands-up much of the time. 

The remaining players were all second and third level defenders. Also, the team only had two TFLs and two-sacks on the night. 

Looking at what Bell County did against them last week, Bell rushed for 261-yards in 45-carries with 3-rushing TDs. So with Bell having a very good night rushing the football and all the tackles being made by the back-part of the defensive alignment making few plays in the offensive backfield, this tells the Jackson Times-Voice Breathitt should be able to get down hill on these guys with our size and power run-game, should we commit to it. 

This is a tough opponent and one which will help get us battle-hardened for the playoffs and our remaining schedule, whoever that happens to be. Like last week, a win here would give us a huge opportunity to boost our playoff seeding. 

We hope you enjoyed this scouting report. We look forward to seeing you on The Riverbank Friday night!

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