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Tale of the Tape: Perry County Central vs. Breathitt County
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Tale of the Tape: Perry County Central vs. Breathitt County

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BHS prohibitive underdog 

Perry may discover different BHS team than it expects

Roster close to 'full-strength'

When football season commenced we had planned to do a “weekly” tale of the tape. Some of you older sports fans may remember something similar appearing on your TV screens when you watched “Friday Night at the Fights” back in the day.  

Much like the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented Breathitt from playing even a single scheduled opponent, we have yet to debut this series. Tonight, we hope we are playing the team scheduled. Further we hope to play this team with a roster somewhat close to full-strength. We suppose we shall see. 

Now at the end of this article we will give you the prediction of the matchup. Bear in mind the algorithm used to make game predictions isn’t programmed to take into account injuries, quarantine, or key personnel not being available.

Don’t freak out when Breathitt proves a prohibitive underdog. We assure you they will be. 

Perry County is playing very well in its first full season under Mark Dixon. They opened with a victory over a quality, Class 5A opponent and then blew out a Class 3A team usually a handful for most around the mountains. 

Breathitt, on the other hand, has played a Class 6A, 2020 semifinalist and a Class 5A football team. The latter we played with Jaylen Turner unavailable, Braxton O’Hara unavailable, and Tyler Bryant unavailable. That is the first three strings of your QB-rotation as O’Hara, who doesn’t regularly play QB, can play the position very well.

Remember, O’Hara played QB when he was voted the 3A, District 7 Player of the Year in 2018. We believe this will be O'Hara's first game of the year and, come to think of it, we have no recollection of Tyler Bryant having been available before tonight's game. 

Below is the tale of the tape. Enjoy the article. We have provided jersey numbers for those of you attending the game, so you know who is who out there tonight.

We have pulled these numbers from the KHSAA website to which teams are required to post its statistics. To the extent any of these numbers don't reflect a player's true production, that isn't the fault of the newspaper. 

We can't call up coaches around the commonwealth weekly requesting provision of player statistics. That is why the KHSAA provides the website. It is the school's responsibility to input accurate data to that site for media and fan access. 

Tale of the Tape

Breathitt High School:

Coach Kyle Moore

Class 2A, District 7

’21 Record, 0-3

So far: Paul Laurence Dunbar (L) 69-28, North Laurel (L) 34-12, Hazard (L) 1-0 COVID-19 Cancellation 

Leading passer- Jaylen Turner (No. 1) 16-32 for 242-yards, no TDs, with 2 interceptions.  

Leading Rusher: Jaylen Turner (No. 1) 23-carries for 130-yards and 2-TDs

Leading Receiver: Isaac Turner (No. 22) 5-receptions for 107-yards

Leading Scorer: Jaylen Turner (No. 1) 16-points

Leading Tackler: Jaylen Turner (No. 1) 9-tackles

Tackles behind the line: Bradley Hall (No. 18) 1-TFL and Ethan Gibson (No. 9) 1-QB sack

Leading in interceptions: Jaylen Turner (No. 1) 1

Perry County Central

Coach Mark A. Dixon

Class 4A, District 8

’21 Record 2-0

So far: Whitley County (W) 20-13, Floyd Central (W) 35-0 

Leading passer: Chanse McKenzie (No. 10) 24-38 for 371-yards and 7-TDs

Leading Rusher: Elijah Gayheart (No. 34) 19 carries for 142-yards

Leading Receiver: Cade Miller (No. 13) 13-receptions for 124-yards and 3-TDs

Leading Scorer: Cade Miller (No. 13) 18-points 

Leading Tackler: Josh Perkins (No. 35) 16-tackles

Tackles behind the line: Austin Boggs (No. 25) 5-TFLs and Nolan Wooton (No. 9), 3-TFLs and 3-QB sacks 

Leading in interceptions: Dawson Browning (No. 11) 1, Austin Boggs (No. 25) 1

What the computer says... 

We want to remind readers this is a computer algorithm. It factors in scores, records, and the records of the opponents of whom you played. It doesn't factor in injuries, illnesses, what amount of your roster was available for play, or moral victories.

By "moral victories" we are talking about games which were much closer than the final margin. An example of this would be the Dunbar game where many first-team players were quarantined and factors such as "late turnovers," "running out of gas," and Dunbar slapping some lipstick on the pig made the margin look way worse than it really was.

With every disclaimer we can muster and according to the computer, tonight's score will be: 

Perry County Central projects to win 44-8!

For out part, the Times-Voice wouldn't be surprised at all for the Bobcats to spring an upset on The Riverbank tonight. Our roster is as close to full-strength as we can get it and we haven't played a game all year where that can be said. We still believe in this team and believe it can be a good football team. 

Tonight's game will go a ways toward either proving or disproving the newspaper's hypothesis. See you there.

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