Jackson, Kentucky: September 10, 2020

Closure left the local employees and management completely bewildered, caught completely by surprise.

I am sure many of you recall we reported, in Vol. 132, No. 36 (September 2, 2020) of the Times-Voice, our Pizza Hut here in Jackson, Kentucky was unaffected by the NPC International’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing and its announced closing of some 300 Pizza Huts. In that bankruptcy filing, as Pizza Hut’s largest franchisee, NPC International cited “under performance” in its reorganization plan as the reason for the closures.

We contacted our local franchise to see if that impacted this hometown, favorite eatery. We were told it didn’t and that, in fact, this franchise was making money and performing admirably under these tough economic circumstances brought on by the pandemic. 

That is why we entitled the piece, Local Pizza Hut, rollin’ in the dough. Yeah, we thought the title was clever and were both proud and relieved to get to publish the piece. 

Yesterday, the gentleman we interviewed, and all of his co-workers at the local Pizza Hut, discovered they were all unemployed. No warning, no time to prepare, no apparent reason attributed to their franchise’s performance. 

There is nothing indicating the local Pizza Hut wasn’t doing the fine business it reported. So, why close them? Why cast these fine people aside? 

Local Jackson, Kentucky friends and neighbors to us all, got out of bed September 9, 2020, went to work, and discovered they no longer had jobs. They weren’t even given the courtesy of an explanation. 

We at the Times-Voice send out our heart-felt condolences to the fine people formerly working at Pizza Hut here in Jackson. We can’t help but feel you deserved better than what you got.

These are hard times. This story is a hard lesson. Hopefully, it will teach us all to look-out for our neighbors and to search out opportunities to do kind things for each other.

No matter how secure you believe your job to be, all of us are living through a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic with repercussions unforeseen, unpredictable, and unfortunate. We simply don’t know from one day to the next when it will be we.  

Our hearts go out to the wonderful people formerly working at a job they were doing very, very well. If anyone out there is looking for good people to work for them who are loyal, talk well of their company, and can operate a business in the toughest of economic times profitably, we hope you will think of the former staff at the Jackson, Kentucky Pizza Hut. 

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