SDNY Arrests Ghislaine Maxwell
Mark this point in history with an asterisk; youll thank me later!
There are moments in history suitable for an asterisk. We don’t get to use such punctuation anywhere but on the printed page, but nothing marks the uniqueness of a point in time as being in need of demarcation any better than an asterisk.
We had such a moment recently. I knew it when I saw it; but couldn’t have quite told you why.
The newspaper reported on it. It was the attempted coup d’état of the head of the Southern District of New York’s Attorney General’s office which was only partly effective. 
Sure, Geoffrey Berman was gone. However, it wasn’t Jay Clayton appointed, the Trump crony hand-picked for the slot. Instead, it was a promotion of Berman’s trusty deputy, Audrey Strauss; someone Berman could trust to continue the ongoing investigations Berman’s office had been preparing for presentation to a grand jury and possible indictment.
I wasn’t sure exactly why, but I knew there was a reason Trump was (through Barr) making an eleventh hour run on the Southern District of New York’s Attorney General’s office. I marked the event with an asterisk. I knew I would come back to it later.
How long would we have to wait? What was the matter or matters Trump was attempting to circumvent?
Was it something related to Roger Stone? Was it the investigation into the Trump organization? Was it the investigation into USA vs. Michael Cohen, or the case in which Trump is universally believed to be the unnamed co-conspirator whose actions are spelled out all through the charging instrument? 
I didn’t know. I wasn’t sure. I thought it could be any of those. The Jeffrey Epstein case had completely slipped my mind. Did it slip any of yours?
Do you remember Jeffrey Epstein? The present President of the United States of America once said to New York magazine that, “I’ve know Jeff for 15-years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” Emphasis added.
The commentary in italics above may have been a bit of an understatement. At least, it appears that way now, looking back on it with the benefit of hindsight. 
Jeffrey Epstein was the guy who had been convicted of sex related offenses in 2008. Jeffrey Epstein was the guy arrested in July of 2019 and charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking. Jeffrey Epstein was the guy who “mysteriously” died in jail with the death being officially ruled a “suicide.”
Incidentally, Epstein was indicted and was being prosecuted by Geoffrey Berman’s SDNY. The lead prosecutor on the prosecutorial team…Audrey Strauss.
However, Epstein is dead. Didn’t his case die with him? Apparently not…
Strauss, pretty much during her first week in her new position, arrested Ghislaine Noelle Maxwell. Maxwell is an Oxford educated, British socialite who reputedly dated Prince Andrew once, was photographed with movie star, Kevin Spacey, sitting on the thrones of Prince Andrew’s parents in Buckingham Palace, and was the youngest child of disgraced publishing tycoon, Robert Maxwell.
She was also Jeffrey Epstein’s long time girlfriend. Several of Epstein’s victims claim Maxwell was the chief enabler, groomer, and recruiter of underage girls for the abuse suffered at the hands of Jeffrey Epstein and his high-society friends. 
One victim, named Virginia Robert Giuffre claims Maxwell served her up to Prince Andrew to have sex with His Royal Highness at a time she was 17-years old. Prince Andrew had a couple children around the same age at the time; something about which the Prince remarked when the two of them were “together.”
Maxwell has been charged in an indictment handed down, under seal. It was unsealed July 2, 2020. She could go to jail for the remainder of her life.
So now she has the prospect of going to trial where conviction would doom her to spending the rest of her life in maximum security, federal prison as someone convicted of having sexually preyed on dozens of underage girls. This leaves her with two choices.
She can either accept her fate. Incidentally serving prison time as either a former police officer (not applicable here) or someone convicted of sex offenses against children (ding, ding, ding, we have a winner) isn’t a fun prospect. 
She can give up someone the government wants more than they want her. This is called proffering proof to the government in exchange for lenience in the way of a downward departure from the federal sentencing guidelines. You know, what Michael Flynn was attempting to do in his case, initially.
So who could the government want more than Ghislaine Maxwell? You guys ought to Google the name “Ghislaine Maxwell” and see the important people with whom she has been linked. 
Do they want Bill Clinton? Do they want Donald Trump? Are they using her testimony to go after the Duke of York?
On the latter, there was a curious news story where Prince Andrew cancelled his trip to Spain to play golf. He goes yearly. He won’t go this year. 
His Royal Highness has decided he would prefer to stay in the kingdom his Mother rules and to which he has a direct succession to the throne. Can’t see England extraditing the Duke of York to the USA for purposes of standing trial in a matter set in the Southern District of New York, can you?
Now SDNY has made numerous requests, through the American Ambassador to England, to have Prince Andrew flown to New York to be questioned about what he may know about the underage sex ring run for years by both Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The crowned Prince had before indicated he would agree to answer questions. I have heard he has since changed his mind.
It is rumored SDNY was attempting to lure Prince Andrew away from England. It is rumored should they encounter him either in the USA, or somewhere outside England, they intend to take him into custody and bring him to America to stand trial. 
How fast do you think the Queen would demand the President pardon her son and a member of the English royal family? Man, you just can’t write fiction any more compelling than this stuff. 
You know exactly what this is; it’s a moment in time worthy of being remembered, worthy of being marked. I would get out the old asterisk if I were you
You can take this for whatever you find it worth but THAT’S THE LONG VERSION! 

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