Are we seeing the fall of an empire?

What has lead to the fall of the “empire?” Does it feel to anyone here that the leaders who govern this empire style themselves dominus et deus (lords and gods) as opposed to public servants?  

In government today, and on various levels, the people who were to initially serve at our pleasure have used the accumulation of power to set up fiefdoms. These government “servants” have granted themselves titles; reducing the remaining relationship between themselves and the citizenry they were supposed to serve to little more than a relationship of master to slave. 

I will permit you to guess which one are we. I have my own opinion.  

Most of the time, the dialogue between constituent and representative amounts to little more than obsequious flattery bent on currying for the sycophant advantage meant to realize gains in power and wealth. The government appears to deal cruelly with its citizens.  

This “empire” highly incarcerates its society at a rate previously unprecedented in human history. We hear citizens are often extorted into entering pleas when accused by the empire or “persuaded” by the promise to discontinue persecution in exchange for a citizen dismissing his valid claim against the government.  

The “empire,” through forfeiture and persecution, impoverishes citizens enabling it to more easily bend citizens to its control. We have numerous examples of governmental corruption becoming commonplace and, it appears at least, control over the “empire” is increasingly wielded by anyone who is able to pay for it.  

Constant complaints are lodged that the super-rich in the “empire” are virtually immune from taxation with an ever-increasing chasm between the economic elite and the cash-poor peasantry.  Most of the “empire’s” military experts bemoan we are ever experiencing a decrease in military capability.  

We suffer from an eradication of our belief systems. Our culture is being lost with its cause attributed to an unregulated influx of immigrants bringing along their own cultures, separate from ours. It is reported this negatively effects the loyalty and even detrimentally impacts the patriotism of our fighting forces.

What in the world is happening in America you say?  Well, what makes you think I am talking about America?  

How many of you have read James William Ermatinger’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire? Rome, like America, was a representative republic.  

Rome’s influence, culture, and even religion impacted the entire breadth of the globe.  Rome was a great empire, among the greatest this world has ever seen. Once…

The father of this nation, George Washington, described, “[t]he marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments.” Washington hoped to father a different nation than what he had observed as a subject of the Brittish crown.  

He must have been appalled at the fact the English subjects in the colonies would abide the insidious restrictions imposed on colonists; all the while being virtually un-involved in their own governance. What is truly shocking is how hard we strive to transform into the type of government from which we desired liberation.  

I feel this way and have iterated many times over that we have long forgotten who works for whom in these parts. We have seen some of this play out before our very eyes in the #LetUsPlay movement to return to the lives of our children some semblance of normalcy this coming fall. 

It certainly appeared Governor Beshear had made several different end-run-around attempts at supplanting what he wanted for us, regarding playing fall sports in Kentucky, versus what we appeared decidedly to want for ourselves. Governor Beshear, wisely, was quoted as saying words to the effect, he couldn’t make every decision in Kentucky for us. Good, none of us want that either.

It appears we will not stop traveling down the road to destruction until we achieve the undesirable result. Phillip Guedala, the noted British barrister and popular historical writer, instructed that “[j]ust as philosophy is the study of other people’s misconceptions, so history is the study of other people’s mistakes.” 

My inner optimist hopes the net result of all this study is that we will eventually learn. I get exponentially less optimistic the older I get.

This country presently is going down the very path which has led to the decline and eventual fall of numerous empires, not the least of which was Rome itself. I am telling you today so that this warning my be fairly remembered.  

You can’t flip a coin for the difference between Ermatinger’s description of the factors which led to Rome’s fall and exactly what is presently leading to ours. Earlier in the piece, most of you thought I was discussing present-day America, didn’t you?  

C’mon, be honest. 

My central point is simply stated as follows: First, assume with me for the sake of argument, George Bernard Shaw was correct and history does repeats itself. If history is repeating and “…the unexpected always happens, [then] how incapable must man be of learning from experience?”  

I am afraid the answer is pretty darn incapable. In fact, this glaring reality makes us little more than simple fools. As Benjamin Franklin wrote in Poor Richard’s Almanack as long ago as 1743, “[e]xperience keeps a dear school, yet fools learn in no other.”

This Country is headed down a road to which the destination is both clear and amply, historically documented. We can continue down the present path, but we shouldn’t feign surprise when we arrive at the same destination as every society which traveled this path before us.  

The outcome of history repeating itself is that nothing that happens should be unexpected.  To the extent we appear surprised, I fear that establishes we are but fools unparalleled in the pantheon of idiocy.  

Take it for whatever you find it to be worth, but THAT’S THE LONG VERSION!


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