Coronavirus and Covid-19, Don’t Worry Guys...
President Trump has this pandemic thing handled!

There is a concept known as “self-fulfilling prophecy.” You might know it as “speaking something into existence.” 

It has always been around, though we may not have always known what to call it. There are numerous examples of “speaking something into existence” in the Holy Bible that I won’t go into here. Theology is not my area, but check out the creation story in Genesis for a suitable example. 

Of course in Genesis, the One speaking things into existence was God. Trump and many of his followers may not realize this; but “The Donald” isn’t God. 

An American sociologist, W.I. Thomas was the first to discover what we now believe to be an existing phenomenon. In 1928, he developed something we reference today as the Thomas theorem or dictum

The way it works is, if a man defines a situation as real then the situation becomes real as does its consequences. Stated another way, what one says appears to come true (at least to the speaker) because of how the speaker interprets the situation about which he first spoke.   

The actual term, “self-fulfilling prophecy” was coined by Robert Merton. Merton popularized the idea that one’s belief, correct or not, could bring about a desired or expected outcome. Biggs, Michael (2013), “Prophecy, Self fulfilling/Self-Defeating,” Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Social Sciences, SAGE Publications, Inc.

I may have just discovered the one-book Donald Trump has read. Additionally, I may have also discovered the Trump Administration’s national pandemic strategy. 

Just say everything is okay and it will be. Tell the country the situation is “under-control” and “handled” and, maybe, it will be. Speak it into existence. Shout it as loudly as you are able. Who knows, the voting public may come to believe it. Maybe we will awaken from this national nightmare to learn it has all just disappeared. 

That brings me to the President’s recent press conference. This is where he would continue to test his theories about the “Thomas theorem.” 

President Trump called the press conference to brag. The June “jobs” report had been released and the unemployment rate had decreased to around 11% nationally. That number is still terrible, but better than it had been. The President felt he deserved an opportunity to “crow” a little.  

Who can blame him. He’s had absolutely, and I mean, ABSOLUTELY, nothing to celebrate in quite a while. Then the press had to go and bring up that dad-burn pandemic. Can’t we talk about anything else?

The question posed to Trump pertained to the subject of the national coronavirus pandemic, the underlying cause of the disease, Covid-19. You’ve heard of Covid-19.  

Covid-19 is the disease caused by the coronavirus which has spun completely out of control across America. It is the disease which has made this country, its president, and its pandemic strategy the literal laughing-stock of the entire globe. It is the affliction which has gotten us “travel-banned” from visiting the entire European continent. 

It is the disease presently sinking the entire GOP. It is the disease which has created The Lincoln ProjectThe Lincoln Project is a group of lifelong GOPer’s willing to do, say, write, or spend anything which ensures Trump, and his sycophants, are drummed out of politics, FOREVER!

So Trump decided, in answer to this question about his administration’s pandemic strategy, that he would do what he is most prone to do. If we are feeling generous, we would call it Trump saying something he wishes were true in the hope his saying it would “speak it into existence.” If we are being honest, he lied. 

Why not? The strategy which has been employed by his entire administration and him his whole political life has worked swimmingly, so far. He did it in his private life. He has done it in his political life. What could it hurt?

Well, when the thing you are attempting to cover is a failed pandemic strategy which has left your country completely crippled in every way imaginable, there are lots of ways it could hurt. Now Trump’s lies don’t seem innocuous. Trump’s lies are killing Americans…killing Kentuckians. 

The price of continuing to hide from the emperor that he’s not wearing new clothes, matter of fact he’s naked, has become too exorbitant. It’s literally killing some people; and endangering all of us. 

So in light of the runaway numbers being rung-up daily by a virus swallowing our entire nation whole, Trump decided to lie to us. Trump told us he had everything “handled.” His exact quote was… 

”The crisis is being handled. ... Some areas that were very hard-hit are now doing very well. Some were doing very well, and we thought they may be gone and they flare up, and we're putting out the fires.” 

This fire is far from being "put out," it rages uncontrollably. It is similar to the fiery pit of defeat which is beginning to swallow Trump’s re-election prospects. 

I guess one should have asked President Trump some follow up questions. Is setting a new “record” for coronavirus infections daily what you’re calling, “handled?” Is closing in on 150,000 dead Americans (over 131,000 dead and counting as of July 3, 2020) what you consider, “handled?”

Is only 2 of 50-states recording a decline in infections what you call having a situation “handled?” Is a rise in infections reported in 36-states, out of 50, what you would call “handled?” 

President Trump, you have more of a handle on race-relations in America than you do on the present worldwide pandemic. You have a better handle on the SDNY, Attorney General’s office than you do coronavirus. Your grasp of the truth, which is abysmal by the way, is superior to your handle on the nation’s Covid-19 crisis.  

I am sorry but someone has to tell Emperor Trump those aren’t new clothes. Heck, he’s stark-raving naked, for crying out loud! 

You can’t just speak something into existence Mr. President and make it so. There may be Someone capable, but it certainly isn’t you.

You can take this for whatever your find it worth, but THAT’S THE LONG VERSION!


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