Miller brothers resurrect “Chilly Billy” Ice-Cream Truck  and put summertime smiles back on children’s faces!
Want to see a kid’s eyes alight with enthusiasm? Be well positioned to see the child’s face when he or she hears the distinctive tune of the ice-cream truck coming done the lane. The unabashed joy and delight will be a spectacle you won’t soon forget.
Ice-cream trucks are a distinctive icon of modern culture. They provide a unique business opportunity for their proprietors which has blessed these lucky owners with generations worth of pleasant summertime memories.
Early ice cream vans carried their treats at a time when most families lacked a freezer. As freezers became more commonplace, ice-cream vans moved towards selling novelty ice cream items such as bars and popsicles, in addition to ice cream.
Harry Burt of Youngstown, Ohio has been credited with conceiving the first ice-cream motorized operation. He would also invent the Good Humor brand ice-cream treat still sold in stores all over the country.
Burt was already delivering ice-cream from a motorized vehicle when he decided it would be a fine idea to cover ice cream bars with chocolate. He called it the Good Humor ice-cream, “sucker.” As it was easy and clean to eat, Burt started selling it from his truck to street consumers. 
A couple of homegrown brothers, Jason and Jesse Miller, have taken up this time-honored and respectable trade right here in Jackson, Kentucky and surrounding communities. The Times-Voice was very pleased to get to interview them. The Millers elected to answer the questions together. 
JTV- What gave you two the idea to run an ice-cream truck?
Millers- The idea to run the ice cream truck came about two years ago when Billy Cole had first priced us the truck. We originally passed on the vehicle but, with the pandemic happening, we decided it would be awesome to do something for the kids stuck at home.
Billy Cole had owned and run the truck himself, spending most of its operational time in Perry County. He came up with the name Chilly Billy.
Billy was successful in the trade and everyone loved him. He was kind enough to take the time to teach us everything we needed to know about the truck and how to order the ice-cream. He was nice enough to accompany us on our first few runs. 
Billy showed us his routes and let people know we would be taking over from him. With all of the things he did for us and the people of Perry County, we felt it was right to honor him by keeping the name from his prior operation.
We have seen, first hand, the joy the ice-cream truck brought our own children. We look forward to bringing the same joy to the faces of the children in Breathitt and surrounding counties.
JTV-How many days a week and what hours are you two servicing Jackson, Kentucky?
Millers- As of right now we have plans to service Jackson two to three days a week and approximately 4-6 hours a day. We currently don’t have a set schedule. 
However, we do have a Facebook page set up where we will be trying to keep everyone as updated as we can. Our Facebook page is “Chilly Billy Ice Cream Truck.” Feel free to check it out and don’t forget to “like” it. 
JTV-How many flavors do you offer?
Millers- We have 37-different ice-creams from which to choose. Currently, the customer favorites seem to be the character ice-creams. We have, among others, Sponge-Bob, Spiderman, and Hello Kitty which all seem to sell very well. 
We don’t sell any soft-serves, so we don’t carry cones. Our ice-creams are all individually wrapped. 
JTV-Tell us how much getting to do this and provide this treat for your home community means to the two of you?
Millers- Jackson has always held a special place in our hearts since playing sports here back in high school. We still think back to those days and share a lot of laughs and smiles about those good times. 
We hope the Chilly Billy Ice-Cream truck can impress some of those same smiles and memories on the hearts and minds of the children of the Breathitt community. We are both immensely grateful everyone has supported us. We thank everyone who has encouraged and supported us and are both grateful and humbled from the bottom of our hearts. 
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