Vanessa Baker, 60, and Nancy Cundiff, 29, have been missing now for more than six weeks and the families of the two women continue to make pleas for them to be found providing them some sense of closure.

Both women lived at Lower River Caney in the Lost Creek community of Breathitt County and were tragically swept away by the flood waters.

Governor Andy Beshear recently announced that Kentucky Emergency Management has coordinated with the Kentucky State Police (KSP) to conduct an aerial search for Baker and Cundiff but did not provide a specific time or date.

Several different search and rescue crews have been out to search for the two missing women but thus far they have been futile attempts. The hope is the search by air will be more successful and is a welcome addition to the search as family members continue to lean on their faith during this trying and frustrating time.

“It’s been six weeks since the devastating floods, and we still haven’t located my aunt, Vanessa Baker. Please join me in prayer that she can be located. My uncle and cousins need her found; we all need her found. Pray they will keep sending search crews and she is found soon,” stated Anthony Mullins, Baker’s nephew, who is also the pastor of the County Line Community Church.

One family member, one of Baker’s nieces, has stated on social media that more should be done to find not just Baker but Cundiff as well. She would add that the families are desperate for them to be found.

A search for Baker and Cundiff was conducted back on Saturday, August 13, 2022, according to the Breathitt County Emergency Management team. The search for the unaccounted-for women took place at the Highway 476 and Lower River Caney areas. Teams from several counties assisted the Kentucky State Police and canine units from the Kentucky Search Dog Association. The searchers did reveal that they found a few “hot spots” or places of interest.

Crews from several counties returned to Breathitt County on Saturday, August 27, 2022, to resume searches along Highway 476 and River Caney.

Family members say that officials have told them the search will last as long as needed.

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