No, Mr. President, it wasn't Antifa, it was MAGA, I was there...Kevin McCarthy (R), House Minority Leader

House Democrats introduced an article of impeachment against President Trump on Monday, accusing him of inciting insurrection at the Capitol building on January 6. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told GOP colleagues on Friday that the earliest a Senate trial could likely be held would be on January 19, according to a memo obtained by several news outlets.

Kevin McCarthy, in a reportedly heated exchange over the phone with President Trump told the president yesterday, according to numerous national news sources, that the election was over and that Trump had lost. It is also being widely reported Trump attempted to blame the insurrection on a left-wing group named "Antifa."  McCarthy would have none of that as he responded angrily that it wasn't Anitfa, it was MAGA, and that he (McCarthy) knew because he was there. 

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